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If today is your birthday, you are a Cancer.

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Forecast for: June 2, 2021 - July 2, 2021

Cancer (the Crab)
June 22 - July 22

Life can be challenging, and things are not always easy. The major challenges in a natal chart are where we can expect increased activity and personal involvement -- ready or not. These critical areas of life can be difficult, and the resulting confusion and possible obstruction often makes it hard for us to see and act with normal clarity. Therefore, when it comes to the other factors, you may wish to exercise caution and extra patience.

Excellent - Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Good - Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Fair - Libra, Pisces

*** *** Mercury “Retrograde” June 1-June 22: [22-days]
Planet MERCURY is the smallest planet in the Solar System but it packs a wallop! Plant Mercury enters backwards motion in the skies; and it’s going to be retrograde for 22 days; (6/1 thru 6/22). During this 22-day aspect-motion “you can anticipate seeing the daily infrastructures of your life to take a blow” if you are not on guard! For instance, travel/transportation delays; means of communication; in some instances personal relations will seem odd; [interactions with close allies will be on edge]; and, the signing of documents can all go seem deceivingly wrong. Additionally, to be specific: For all signs of the zodiac, Mercury retrograde triggers in an adverse manner business-negotiations to go wrong as well as numerous other life-frustrations are highly probable to take an adverse “crucial” hit. So be alert. “Major breakdowns are a certainty during this 22-day Mercury retrograde” aspect!

June 05 thru June 19: @ 8am
June 20 thru June 30:- @ 9am
July 01 thru July 2nd : @ 7:30 to 9:45am

*** *** June 10th 2021 – “NEW MOON” – The Moon is located to on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night skies; however – this is an important Cosmic Day/Night; - “Remember to do your “WISH LIST” … … … “pen not more than 8 desires” and believe all 8 of your necessities will come int your existence! – “Good Luck”!

June 05 thru June 19: 12
June 20 thru June 30:- 18 22 28
July 01 thru July 2nd : July 1st

*** *** June 10th 2021 –ANNUAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – The path of this eclipse will be “confined” across the Arctic Ocean, Canada, across the skies in western Greenland, Russia and the USA. --- --- The Cosmic Message for your birth sign is this: On today- the love you hold within will be shown: For instance, #1) You love other people, large and small groups, and relationships in general; and #2) Your social life could be at the expense of your personal interests and even of your family or job.

*** *** RISK (GAMING, Etc.) … ABUNDANT MESSAGE: (Effect): - New knowledge of the Solar System and the movement of the ruling planet for your sign give greater breath and new vitality – as such your GUIDANCE MESSAGE this forecast cycle is: Everything is worth a try for the next few weeks, and branching out to have a little of each is what it's all about. But you must use prudence with your “risk” undertakings, as such the green light days are applicable. -------------- GAMING (RISK) ---------------

June 05 thru June 19: 6 8 9 12
June 20 thru June 30:- 18 22 26 28
July 01 thru July 2nd : July 1st

*** *** June 18th FIRST QUARTER MOON – Your Cosmic Message re this planet aspect is this: It’s all about you this cycle - in fact, today … You keep your feelings and emotions to yourself and resent any attempt to analyze or probe them. Your home and surroundings are tidy and air-tight, as well.

06-05-2021 thru 06-18- 2021: Guidance
06-19-2021 thru 07-02- 2021: Forgiveness

*** *** INFLUENCE FROM PLANET URANUS THIS CYCLE: The slow movement of planet Uranus is nestled in Taurus the bull for a long-long time; but this cycle there are special “aspect” influences re new planet alignments … … as such this guidance message applies: This cycle and under this planet aspect, you really don't mind probing and dissecting the lives of others. This can't help but produce a strain in your relations with others, and you probably get very little support for your detective work.

06-05-2021 thru 06-18- 2021: 896 8866 8522 2014
06-19-2021 thru 07-02- 2021: 9885 9822 9869 9800 7198

*** *** JUNE 21ST – “2021 SUMMER SOLSTICE” –This is the first day of the 2021 summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – north pole of the Earth will be tilted toward the Sun – and for your birth sign your star message is this: You are moved to secure yourself, always digging in. Home and family are your main focus, even at the expense of career. It would be good if you could work out of your home. Cause on today: “Your emotions conflict with the public”.

- (Business, and personal) Relationships: @ 99.75%
- (investments) (savings) other financial gains: @ 00.75%
- (Risk, etc.) Success re “gaming” lucky breaks: @ 89.25%

*** *** June 24th 2021 – FULL MOON (super moon) This is the last of 3 Super Moons for year 2021; tonight, its illuminated in the skies.
It has meaning and different names; some call it 1) FULL ROSE MOON, 2) FULL HONEYMOON 3) FULL STRAWBERRY MOON 4) SUPER MOON– it’s going to be at its closes approach to the earth – and your Cosmic Message for this date is: you will notice the need for being quiet due to the constant tension in the air around you that could cause a result of verbal-explosions.

(Re new planet influences/ventures -achieve great success by:)
06-05-2021 thru 06-18- 2021: stepping-up with your efficiency traits
06-19-2021 thru 07-02- 2021: not being so confrontational

*** *** June 27th SATURN and MOON – 2021 ASTRONOMOCAL ASPECT: (Saturn transits 4.0 north of planet Moon) In the skies this is a major planet influence for all signs; and your Cosmic Message re. this planet event is this: You are moved to secure yourself today , digging in with your efforts. Home and family are your main focus today.

06-05-2021 thru 06-18- 2021: 10 and 15
06-19-2021 thru 07-02- 2021: July 1 and 2

06-05-2021 thru 06-18- 2021: 05 09 18
06-19-2021 thru 07-02- 2021: 19 20 26

*** *** 6 major COSMIC POTENTIALS % AVG Jupiter Aspect
This cycle there are new influences from the expansiveness of planet JUPITER, all signs are applicable re changes in the 6 areas listed below; as such (for your birth sign) the following percentage rates are applicable:
#01) Creativity and perception --------------@ 90.75% …
#02) Emotions and passions: ---------------@ 00.25% …
#03) Finances (gains -vs- loss)--------------@ 85.25% …
#04) Intuition and awareness: ---------------@ 99.75% …
#05) Love and devotion ----------------------@ 99.99% …
#06)Work/career and effort/vocation:-------@ 90.25% …

*** *** MONTHLY HOROSCOPE POSTINGS: This horoscope posting for each zodiacal sign is based “specifically” on new planetary effects for the time period specified for this particular posting. Also, a close look at slower moving “outer planets” around each zodiacal sign is taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy for this forecast cycle … … new planet aspects re the transit of “inner planets” and transit of the toggling Moon phases were noted as well for each particular zodiacal sign as well.

*** *** IMPORTANT… … … Check the Menu and click-on for Review all other pages on this site: #1) PASSAGE … … … Make time for self - where possible - utilize time and set aside quiet moments and read the “PASSAGE” page that’s on this website for a renewed Inspirational feeling; and, #2) WORLD FORECAST AND PREDICTIONS: … … Review the POINT OF VIEW PAGE and take a look at the WORLD EVENTS page for world forecast and predictions.

*** *** NEXT POSTING DATE: July 3rd, 2021

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