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If today is your birthday, you are a Libra.

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Because events of the past leave footprints toward the future, the 30-45+ day Predictions page explains what the future holds based on the slower moving planets. Interpretations of planetary aspects each month forecast how the forces of nature affect the future of mankind. Predictions clarify how every living thing is temporary. Every living thing is here for a time and then it must pass away in order for newness to come into existence; but the planets always remain.

A prediction gives insight to the reader of how likely it is that future events have their meaning in the present. As such, the movements of the planets can clearly foretell the how and the why that every individual seeks in terms of guidance. Predictions can carefully guide an individual through the paths of success and show how that same individual can avoid the pitfalls or adverse encounters that could affect them during a 29-30+day cycle.

Here's this cycle's Predictions:
Credo: "Positive Ideas Can Become Reality"

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