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If today is your birthday, you are a Cancer.

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Because events of the past leave footprints toward the future, the 30-45+ day Predictions page explains what the future holds based on the slower moving planets. Interpretations of planetary aspects each month forecast how the forces of nature affect the future of mankind. Predictions clarify how every living thing is temporary. Every living thing is here for a time and then it must pass away in order for newness to come into existence; but the planets always remain.

A prediction gives insight to the reader of how likely it is that future events have their meaning in the present. As such, the movements of the planets can clearly foretell the how and the why that every individual seeks in terms of guidance. Predictions can carefully guide an individual through the paths of success and show how that same individual can avoid the pitfalls or adverse encounters that could affect them during a 29-30+day cycle.

Here's this cycle's Predictions:
Posting Number:8009-06012023
Planets: Pluto, Uranus and Saturn
(planets “compel”) (scripture and the 4 beast)
(Predictions: 06-01- 2023 thru 04-19-2026)

POSTED: Applies: Year 2022, 2023, 2024 thru 12/31/2027

EFFECTIVE 2022 through 12/31/2026
- As planet Uranus initiates its retrograde passage, we will witness more youth demonstrations, adult protests, insurgencies by groups of people and continue revolts from women against “repulsive acts by political leaders and government officials. And, Taurus is a zodiacal sign that “also” governs food. And during the transit of Uranus's retrograde aspect in Taurus you will also witness food shortages that you could not imagine occurring in the Free World. (As of this writing “you are already experiencing baby formula shortages”) … … It’s to be understood this 4-year Taurus Uranus planet aspect is going to cause a sudden or unexpected occurrence in the political world as well. Planet Uranus will bring a disruptive and rebellious energy to ensure “correct changes take hold”. Revolutionary incidents are extremely unnerving in practical Taurus because the Taurus-sign believes in security and will always resists “sudden” change! But 2022 through year 2026 change is coming!

Taurus-born are immovable. And the sign of Taurus rules nearly everything related to money and it hates changes and drama. Also, the sign Taurus governs beauty (because of its Venus rule) and Taurus also is the zodiacs’ commander of finance, rules banks, checkbooks, bankers, profits, borrowing, spending, securities and also stocks – it’s the banker of the 12 signs. Planet Uranus is known as the planet of rebellion, Uranus commands vibrant, electric energies of change. It governs discovery, innovation, invention, novelty, and all things progressive – both in terms of the political and in the sense of actual forward motion. Uranus in a feminine sign has always been an interesting time for advancing women’s rights
Watch for the transformation of abortion in the USA the division is more evident November 2022 than ever but guess what … this is evident – abortion is here to stay regardless to word from a group of shaggy pant men.

EFFECTIVE 2022 through 2026 Some of your activist women are not taking the ruling at all. [Some states will offer a haven for women in need of abortion “period” – regardless to my beliefs, this is just the way it’s going to be] “Women will get the care they need regardless to the court rulings”

- Election law suits ignored – Democratic wins are sustained
- Pandemic 2022 still hovering (will go on thru 2027-2030)
- Red States will face a loss – Democratic roll-over taking hold
- Water rainstorms – Fla. Gov. in the news – flooding/storms

*** *** PLUTO IN AQUARIUS-2023/2044
Pluto does not play games. It takes, it does not give and it offers no apologies. It leaves its mark and moves on “slowly” with no regrets for its destruction; because Pluto tears down in order for rebuilding to be able to take place.
We will begin with the discussion of affects we will be facing due to the position of planet Pluto that enters into the sign of Aquarius March 23, 2023 and will remain there until January 19 2044. So … … during the nestle 20+ year of Pluto in Aquarius we will face much cleansing and will witness the power of a Rider of a Pale Horse. Planet Pluto is the cleanser. And, as it transits will eliminate all things (including individuals) that challenges progress. And as the Pale Horse rides during this planet position you will witness how the along the path of this rider whatever is rotten it shall be removed in order for the creation of goodness.

Verse 8: And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

- Congress – more women elected – a blue wave
- Donald Trump – embarrassed, condemned, reprimanded
- Donald Trump – humiliated convicted, denounced
- Healthcare is here to stay – vast positive expansion
- Kamala Harris takes complete control (no messing around)
- Nancy Pelosi takes the gavel again
- Red States – sorry – southern men irrelevant
- Cosmetics – lip stick and make-up not relevant any more
- Cosmetics – more and more women are going natural
- Cruising – more people cruising – hotels are worried
- Economy 2023 – vast recovery – money booming for some
- Plant meat – more people going vegetarian
- Plant meat – more people purchasing organic foods
- Racism – still alive and well – police brutality (young men)
- Water – storm causes problems in NY MS and DC
- Water – storm takes over Maine and New Hampshire


URANUS and THE UNEXPECTED for cycle June 1, 2022 thru April 19, 2023 will be what’s going to be essential, anticipated and mandated by us all. We (all) will experience the nipping of planet Uranus regardless to your astrological birth sign – you have planet Uranus. Also individuals of the world are entering into phases phase beginning June 2023 where truth, positive efforts and will-power will get them through the uncertainties afforded by transits of the outer planets.

Verse 2: And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

- breakup of China
- breakup of the European Union
- breakup of the UK
- breakup of the US
- digital currency
- shocks, financial collapse and civil unrest in 2022,
- the entire world will be facing transformations

Scripture teaches the hands of a Higher Power is always in control so as we understand that Pluto is the final planet in the solar system and it performs its’ job well by removing unnecessary trash from our lives; but keep in mind a Higher Power controls the planets. During this Aquarius Pluto transit the Mars “retrograde” in the sign of Gemini we will see harsh inconveniences for the element water. And so, when planet Pluto is positioned in a zodiacal sign (like Aquarius) personal lives of man faces unforeseen transformations; the political world turns up-side-down and unexpected sicknesses and death takes hold. [this duration extends to year 2044]. And also, at this time we will see the thrust for water due to the Mars/Gemini retrograde.

- Water rainstorms causing houses to topple
- Water shortages continue for California Nevada
- Water shortages continue for US farmers – (scorched earth)
- Water shortages continue for US farmers – veggies prices up

*** *** THE PALE HORSE RIDES - Endeavors by elected [“crooked”] political leaders to focus on their cash-givers the doner instead of the populist that elected them ... their actions behind the scenes will be uncovered more and more as the slow transit-movement of planet Pluto takes hold. No more hidden agendas – the actions of the wicket will come to forth! Additionally, the slow transit of Uranus in Taurus will force layers of compromise and the finding of middle ground and the stalling actions by politicians will be forced toward getting something done to help the people that elected them. Further with the transit of [the discipline planet] Saturn … you will notice the harsh economic conditions that have taken great tolls on some of your friends and love ones. In fact, look at your own check book, “be realistic” – all your monthly expenses are now exceeding due to higher cost for basic family needs (especially food, housing and clothing).

Verse 4: And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

-Because planet Uranus is in the sign of Taurus you will notice the deconstruction and reconstruction of the finance world.
-You are [currently] noticing the rise (and fall) of cryptocurrency – but it will be wise to not get too caught-up with investing during year 2022 – planet URANUS transit will afford some uncertainty (so be careful).
- Planet Uranus commands sudden changes – and because if this: you will see more and more rebellion towards elected officials.
-(a whole lot of shakes ups and upheaval) with planet Uranus in Taurus, during 2022 thru 2026 uncertainty with finances (sustainability cannot be counted on) In other words “watch your bank statement with a keen eye” – so many don’t get paper statements – but to see what’s going on with your money is important now because there are too many unqualified individuals working in key positions – and the supervisors are as unqualified as the co-worker) wake up to this no statement for your money.

- Bill Gates (need to check is health) ( ill )
- Bernie Sanders (needs to watch health)
- Cape Cod (flooded)
- Heatwaves unbearable (southern part of the US)
- Jimmy Carter (health is failing fast)(?)
- New York giant fire (hospital)
- Queen Elizabeth – very ill (?)
- Train wreck (Arizona
- Viking Cruise Ship (passengers ill)

- Afghanistan, Iran and India, Norway
- Greece, Cyprus and a giant quake in Japan
- Nicaragua, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Australia
- Russia (huge)

Planet Venus nestled in secretive Scorpio – is an Important planet aspect due to the Novermber-2022 mid-term elections. There is a whole lot of drama surrounding these elections – more than likely a blue wave is evident. … Watch closely because this planet aspect indicates the coming of a forceful (verbal) storm

*** WHAT’S COMING: - 2022 –2023-2024-2025
–2025 The economy continues its boom
- A very-very prominent political leader will be forced to leave office
- California – their Gov. Newsome reigns again (federal elections)
- California – wild fires again – this is now news happens every year
- Congress – the Uranus transit beings a blue majority
- Donald Trump – shamed, convicted, charged
- Donald Trump – shamed, headed for divorce
- Donald Trump – degraded, convicted and arraigned
- General elections – Republicans at it again – don’t want votes counted
- Police reform – back in the news
- Russia’s “Putin” health issues – health failing fast (Sept 2022)
- Rudy Giuliani (need to check his health) (hospital)
- Senate – the Uranus transit brings a blue majority(minus 1 plus 3)
- Sports – very-very big scandal (bad things coming to light)
- Texas – the election of a Democrat (big news- Nov 2022)
- Texas -Power outages again

People that are wise and people that are tuned to nature understand that as the days ahead continue to unfold, the hand of a Higher Power will become more destructive, and the well-off and the barely-getting-by will face the need to cut back and watch expenses. [Some will survive but the majority of the masses will face harsh conditions].

Verse 5: And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
Remember, Planet Saturn will continue challenges as the days ahead continues to unfold and will initiate its “karma” regardless. We all know there’s a thing called karma which is “life payment via Saturn”! So, if you have done what is right and practical prior to these adverse times there is no reason for you to doubt your own worth and outcome! No need to worry about what you don’t have! Your needs will be supplied! I firmly believe positive mental adjustments are needed to take hold (for those that are wise) and by doing so – gain is assured. Also, you will see positive consequences because of the encouraging transformations that will be coming within your presence. You are assured abundances! - Remember you are judged by your deeds not by your inaction!

Further, because of the negative influences and challenges facing this nation, in my opinion, all of years 2022 thru April 2026 are going to require steadiness in thought and steadiness in actions of all undertakings if you expect to survive. come out successful.

Spend more quiet times and reflect before you make major decisions this year. If you will just listen to your still inner voice and do what is best for SELF without hurting others you can come through these adverse (financial) times with ease and will be in a better position mentally to assist others.

- Greenland (extreme earthquake)
- Greenland (water damage to homes from ice melts)
- Iceland (earthquake destroying whole communities)
- Iceland (icebergs will melt and float int the sea)
- Mt. Saint Helen (will erupt)
- Niagara (severe water damages from tornado)
- Oklahoma (destruction to a whole city from rain)
- Texas (whole zip code destroyed from tornado)

*** *** ELEMENT – EARTH SIGNS 2022 through 2026:
The astrological signs Taurus (the bull), Virgo (the maiden) and Capricorn (the goat) are all earth signs – as you know the earth is reliable – it’s steady – it gives and it takes back that which it has given – but let’s take a look at these 3 earth signs; instance is TAURUS (the bull) which is the banker of the zodiac – the wise bull is very-very good with money; the bull believes in action and disregards reactions; and yes, the bull is stubborn but never waste his precious time with inconsistencies and so-so unyielding when it comes to meaningless-change. Now the maiden VIRGO is here to nourish us, the maiden has those perfection skills, the maiden is critical and extremely protective and is there to investigate, highly-criticize and yes there to provide us with health services and information; and then there’s CAPRICORN who is ready and able to stand guard and protect the banker of the zodiac and there to be the over-seer of that which is produced by the maiden – so without these viable earth signs man (while on earth) would be at a loss! And yep, we MUST protect EARTH – you can outlast all other signs of the zodiac; but earth is all we have yes, it’s worth protecting!

- California – giant earthquake LA, San Diego
- Europe – major flooding
- Memphis, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Oklahoma
- San Diego, Oregon, Texas, Kansas City,
- Seattle, Lake Tahoe, Alaska, and Montana
Utah, Idaho, Chicago, Willow brook
-Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Clint Eastwood,
-Barack Obama, Barbara Walters,
-Dick Cheney, John Travolta,
-Bill Clinton, Rev Al Sharpton, Ivana Trump,
-Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliana
-Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Jennifer Lopez,
-Jimmy Carter, Michelle Obama, Mick Jagger,
-Olivia Newton-John, Queen Elizabeth, Randy Jackson,
-Stormy Daniels, Taylor Swift, Tony Bennett and Warren Beatty,
-Willie Nelson, La Toya Jackson, Sean Combs, Shirley Mac Laine,
- Tidal Wave in Florida – (destroying entire zip codes) (?)

PROPHECY PREDICTIONS: Sept 2021 thru Dec 31 2023
……. AUTO INDUSTRY – A notice of bankruptcy for an automaker
……. BREAD SHORTAGE – wheat shortage (due to drought)
……. CATHOLIC CHURCH - another huge scandal “again”
……. CARIBBEAN – massive earthquake
……. CIVIL UNREST – US citizen demonstrations and unrest
……. COMMUNICATION TOWER – one will break due to storms
……. COMMUNICATION TOWER – satellite crashing
……. CRUISE SHIP – yep, another one is going to break-apart
……. CUBA – more than likely to become a US State
……. DROUGHT – Midwestern cities, Africa (water shortages)
……. ECLIPSES – power grid causing severe blackout
……. ERUPTIONS – Mount St. Helen
……. FLOODING – around Memphis, Ohio (Miss. River overflows)
……. GOLF – death to a golfer due to storms and lightening
……. HEALTH PREVENTION – cures for cancer to be revealed
Countess of this information and these forecast I have discussed the last months of year 2021 during radio interviews and some of this information I have issued through interviews with 2 newspaper outlets.

Thomas Jefferson said: “When all governments, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington, as the CENTER OF ALL POWER, it will render POWERLESS the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venial and OPPRESSIVE as the government from which we separated. …I POSTED THIS QUOTES FOR A REASON:
It is mandatory if there are things going-on you feel those things are crushing your FREEDOM or if you feel there are situations taking hold you dislike … …
Try to not discuss those things with friends and neighbors … … you are a tax payer, so try and let your Local, State and Federal individual that represent you know your feelings; then make sure your neighbor and your friend do the same. And, if your Local, State and Federal Representatives are not listening to you – at the ballot box … Vote those representatives out of office!
More to come! .... New info and planet transit effects with adverse actions will be updated.
Peace, retain your glow. Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
May 16, 2022 -
Trademark and Copyright Protected

************* ******************
Forecast Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru Dec 31, 2023
2021 Fall Equinox and 2021-2023 Winter Solstice
*** *** SEPTEMBER 22ND 2021
Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru December 31, 2023
THE 2021 AUTUMNAL EQUINOX –- This is the date when there’s an “equal” amount of day and night throughout the entire world. This is the 2021 first day of the “FALL” season; in the Northern Hemisphere. … there are new planet influences (with message from the cosmos) … …
Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru December 31, 2023
BEGINNING with this posting, the 2021 September Autumnal Equinox and continuing thru the closing days of December 31, 2023, there will, (in my opinion) be planet shifts causing the trigger of “MORE” major disasters around ,the globe. but specifically within the borders of the United States. For instance, with the restrictions of planet SATURN within the Aquarius sphere I firmly believe you will see many “more” cities drenched in water and entire zip codes wiped away in a flash of flooding. Rain storms and flooding are going to be wake-up calls as this equinox takes hold.

Winter 2021 into early 2022
December, between 4 to 7 inches of snow then a lotta snow-storms January 2022 with 4 to 9 inches of snow – watch the Ohio valley and the state of Pennsylvania it’s going to receive its share of snow (storm) as well. More than likely about 24 inches of snow.

PREDICTIONS-Sept 2021-2022-2023
** ** Tsunami –
Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, Russia, Hawaii, Chile, Peru and Thailand
Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru December 31, 2023 - Saturn is moving in a retrograde motion it is currently moving backwards in the water-bearer sign ... (Aquarius). And the zodiacal sign that will more than likely be affected by this backward transit is Aquarius. Others will be affected as well; however, at this time [September 1st 2021] Planet Saturn’s retrograde transits until midnight 10/10/2021 = this planet action will issue the karmic debt payments … … planet Saturn will also sort-out the secretiveness of ill efforts that took hold behind closed doors.

** ** SUPER STORMS Jan 2022 thru Dec 31 2023
……. HARSH STORMS – mid-summer, Canada will be hit.
……. HARSH STORMS – very-very heavy rain storms around Miami/Dade causing the city of Miami to possibly be wiped out with harsh conditions of a “Hurricane” around the Florida Keys.
All across the U.S. (east coastal areas)
countries of Canada, Europe and Australia
Next year the USA will receive a profound Planetary Return of the “cleanser planet” … known as Pluto. During some of my lectures I have oft times described planet Pluto as “King” I call this planet the king of termination and king of re-birthing. Well … … next year (I believe) we will witness the powers of this planet ... so I have told my clients to prepare for possibilities of a cleansing taking hold – the power of this planet is uncontrollable.
Take note of the December 2021 Winter solstice as the new planet alignment takes hold. At this time, I believe the movement of planet Pluto will be to do some house-cleaning and adjust that which is measured, or has become destructive. So, the cleaning-action will continue taking hold through cycle year 2022 and into the summer solstice days of cycle year 2023. And, as a result of this purging, great projects will be attempted in order to rebuild, repair, and improve especially such things as existing infrastructure.
Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru December 31, 2023 - When planet Pluto transits across the skies you can expect changes – it removes – it cleanses – and in some cases it terminates. There will be a sweeping change taking hold … this is the exposure you will witness taking hold across the universal lands … it’s called power … occurrences cannot be explained … but Pluto’s power is just! As such, you will be able to witness the following:

** ** EARTHQUAKES - thru Dec 31 2023
……. EARTH’S CORE - Changes 2021-2022-2023 eclipses
……. EARTHQUAKE – California (bad earth-shattering) …….
……. EARTHQUAKE New Zealand (a very-bad earth-shattering)
……. EARTHQUAKE – Russia – killing thousands, shattering sand around the Pyramids in Egypt; and break of the earth in severe ways in St. Louis, Chicago and Tennessee.
……. EARTHQUAKE – Utah, Southern Illinois, St. Louis, and earth-shattering in Hawaii as well as Tahoe,in Nevada and in San Francisco and San Diego; also Mexico City – might get a 7+ Magnitude; a shattering of the earth in Indonesia, Southern coast of California and a massive earth shattering in the South Seas causing in in-flux of water to the surrounding communities. (the Pale Horse is riding 2020-2021-2022 and 2023

** ** EARTHQUAKES thru Dec 31 2023-
Across the world – there are billions of people with a lack of water. Europe will be shaken with earthquakes and some nations will have their economies ruined. And, the Philippines and California are certain to experience more than 2 earthquakes!

Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru December 31, 2023 - Keep the mind focused on realistic occurrences! Times for foolish whims are now over! When the thoughts are clear and the opinions are healthy your body gains its’ true Worth! Learn to take time-outs each week for self! Meditate or spend a few moments visualizing! Send out into the Universe (via silent speech) your intentions and allow time for a rewarding return. Remember, 2021-2022 and through year 2023 will become a time in your life where your intentions can return to you as the forces of nature takes hold. (The planet transits are governed by a power that is greater than man … as the planets transit in the skies… watch how your intentions become realities) … This is how the cosmos can assist on your behalf during cycle year 2021-2022 and through year 2023.

** ** PROPHECY PREDICTIONS: Sept 2021 thru Dec 31 2023
……. AUTO INDUSTRY – A notice of bankruptcy for an automaker
……. BREAD SHORTAGE – wheat shortage (due to drought)
……. CATHOLIC CHURCH - another huge scandal “again”
……. CARIBBEAN – massive earthquake
……. CIVIL UNREST – US citizen demonstrations and unrest
……. COMMUNICATION TOWER – one will break due to storms
……. COMMUNICATION TOWER – satellite crashing
……. CRUISE SHIP – yep, another one is going to break-apart
……. CUBA – more than likely to become a US State
……. DROUGHT – Midwestern cities, Africa (water shortages)
……. ECLIPSES – power grid causing severe blackout
……. ERUPTIONS – Mount St. Helen
……. FLOODING – around Memphis, Ohio (Miss. River overflows)
……. GOLF – death to a golfer due to storms and lightening
……. HEALTH PREVENTION – cures for cancer to be revealed
** ** EARTHQUAKES: - Sept 11, 2021 thru Dec 31 2023
Extra-large earthquakes wiping-out zip codes in the U.S.
Alaska, San Diego, mid-town LA, Seattle,
minor tremors around St. Louis, Illinois
(E. St. Louis, Chicago) as well as the Pacific Rim
Argentina Chile Ecuador, and Fukushima, Japan, Iran, China, and a huge quake in Afghanistan
and a huge quake in Denmark
Guam British Isles, London England
New York City and Memphis, Tennessee
Mudslides (after earthquake) killing people in Los Angeles
Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua Peru,
Tibet, (including Nepal) Volcano erupting in Iceland
Giant earthquake in Italy and Spain
Another earthquake affecting New York City,
New Jersey, Washington, Maryland and Virginia
An earthquake strikes North Carolina and South Carolina
An earthquake for Buffalo, NY -
Earthquake in Las Vegas, Nevada
Earthquake in the Grand Canyon – South Africa
Yellowstone National Park and in Toronto

** ** Fires:
– major fire to a casino likely starting from cigarettes; unexpected outta control fires State of Virginia
unexpected outta control fires Washington D. C. area

** ** THE PLANET COMPEL 09-01-2021 thru 12-31-2023
Effective September 1st, 2021 becomes the beginning of the time change! If you have old friends that have not been loyal, they will depart from your daily surrounding; if your loyal members at your churches, your social clubs or even at your place of employment that have not shown themselves to be “true” individuals; they will, for sure not be a presence within your daily existence. I am not saying they will depart from this life; I am saying “they will not be within your daily presence”. Moving forward, Effective March 20th 2022, in my opinion, IF THERE IS ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE THAT DOES NOT BELONG AS EACH DAY OF YEAR 2022 continues to UNFOLD, SLOWLY BUT SURELY, THOSE THINGS THAT DO NOT BELONG WILL BE TERMINATED.
Effective June 21 2023, instance is old friends will be going out of your presence and new friendships will be the replacement; social misfits in your life will cease to be a problem for you; and the most important thing is this: “Where ever planet PLUTO travels, it will, for sure demonstrate how powerful its energy is, whatever it touches in 2021-2022 and 2023 (even with its aspects) things will change forever!

** ** HI-SEAS – Oct 5, 2021 - Dec 31, 2023
a collision of a big ship (likely on the Caribbean after the 2022 Spring Ingress when planet MOON moves in its’ rightful place in the zodiacal sign of Cancer

** ** THE COSMOS SHALL COMPEL- Sept 2021 thru Dec 31 2023
Successes and failures experiences are afforded all humans. The elements work for you as you undergo successes and challenges. … Your angels are with you and success and challenges become governed by your angels who are governed by a power that is greater than man. Cosmos are forces of nature … and because YOU are a force of nature, [individuals are earth] … it is more prudent to face annoyances and over-come them by consistently being in-tune with the cosmos. You will understand how to receive success and blessings or overcome challenges and obstructions when faced with such experiences by accepting success over failure and be willing to face fiasco and failures when they appear within your existence.

** ** “SELF”
Always take SELF outta the picture and follow your still inner voice which is governed by wise thinking and you will always be successful … Nature is governed by a power greater than Man – man is nature but man is not the great power! Therefore, always remember positive thinking allows the forces of nature to work with you because the forces of nature do NOT for you ...

Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru December 31, 2023 - It is mandatory for him to really take good care of is health – get enough sleep – eat properly. Watch his eating habits - VP Kamala Harris is very capable to take over.

SATURN AND PLUTO 09-01-2021 THRU 12-31-2023
Watch the March 20, 2022 Spring Ingress when Planet Saturn will be an assistant to planet Pluto and I feel a little karma is going to take hold that have much to do with the ills and past history of this nations’ leader. Those that were on power initiated laws that effected some people … karma and cleansing is going to take hold in year 2022 – such as: situations that have much to do with building on Native Americans land ... watch for noise from Native Americans some folks from the Hawaii islands and some folks that call themselves Eskimos. More than likely there will be noises from folks brought to this county against their will from Africa … these were slaves that help build this great nation … Bottom line is the planets do compel and these situations will more than likely be dealt with as the planet Pluto “slowly” moves across the US skies. In addition-to … … ………….(a kind of expiation, or an atonement or rather a penance will take hold in the form of natures elements … such as: storms, flooding, and massive earthquakes – this is the cosmos)!

** ** SOMETHING IS AMISS (Health Watch)9/1/2021-1/11/2024
Angela Merkel, Martha Stewart, Barack Obama AND Michelle Obama
Barbara Streisand, Betty White, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie,
Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton,
Clint Eastwood, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Carter, Sharon Osbourne,
Danny Glover, Joanne Woodward, John Travolta, Woody Allen,
Bush Jr., Taylor Swift, Loretta Lynn, Olivia Newton-John,
Michael Douglas, Rahm Emanuel, Sylvester Stallone,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Bennett, David Letterman,
Justin Bieber, RuPaul, Selena Gomez, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden,

** ** REAL ESTATE - uncertainty will continue for the HAVE NOTS but will fill the pockets of the RICH while the government institutions put in place policies designed to make life just a bit harsher for those in need of owning a home. If you have no job how you can redeem your losses and specifically redeem something as tremendous in cost as your home … Oh my goodness!

** ** BRIEF SUMMATION - 9-4-2021 thru 12-31-2023
Cycle years 2021 and 2022 will be times of a great journey. This nation will “slowly” get back to functioning as normal as possible. The crazies will be with us not wanting to get vaccines and we will continue to see the numbers mounting as we see Breaking News with an overwhelming number of deaths. Also as the transit of Saturn and Pluto continue its movement in the skies, we will witness things “slowly” reaching (some) states of no after the June 2022 Summer Solstice. – Looking at year 2022 … sounds like a long time – but it is really a normal time because there will still be a reason for wearing a mask!

Respectfully submitted and posted – August 31st 2021
By, Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster and Keynote Speaker
(Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature)
All Rights Reserved - Trademark Protected

*** *** *** *** *** ***
The OUTER PLANET CHANGES, YR. 2021/2022-2023
World Predictions - based on the Forces of Nature:
Stay with us ……. So much more to come (soon) because of the September 2021 fall equinox ... ... new planet influences will be taking hold and will begin a “cleansing mode on earth as the famine reaches chaotic conditions” (i.e. The Rider of a Black Horse begins a new ride across the land “again” this year!

The OUTER PLANET CHANGES, YR. 2021/2022-2023
Change is needed – change with occurrences that are happening now can only come about with intervention by a Power Greater Than Man.
Phases are unknown that are taking hold now as effects from new planet influences continue. Instance is September 22nd. We will witness the presence of the 2020 Fall Equinox; and, on September 22nd there’s a new planet influence that will present a visitor riding into our existence on a black horse; he will be bringing food-shortages, food-crisis, and starvation but famine.

The black horse ride will not only appear among citizens in the USA; but his appearance will be felt in other nations around the world. Sept 22nd planet Moon will transit into the zodiacal sign Sagittarius where the Rider of Pale Horses) resides. … … This Moon/Sagittarius influence positions the following listing: - PREDICTION:
Oct 2020 thru Dec 2021 into Jan-Oct-Nov year 2022:
Banks, (Bank failures) and U.S. Real Estate – in jeopardy
Complete Breakdown of Society
Continued Massive Unemployment
Empty (BARE) food shelves in Southern communities
Famine, Starvation, Empty grocery shelves
More COV-19 deaths (after Oct 2020/overwhelming)
Surmountable Corporate Bankruptcies
More COv-19 deaths (positive tested individuals - watch Fall Season year 2021)
More COV-19 deaths of seniors and the disables -after July 2021
In my opinion, the inner planets will continue to compel. Now, on Thursday, Oct. 1st there will be an extremely bright Full Moon.

The toggling of planet Moon on Oct. 1st affords the world with an extreme-brightness. The Moon (in the US in some states) will seem to sparkle, sparkling by sending light to many dark corners of planet Earth. October 1st the Rider of a Pale Horse will be joined by the Rider of a Black Horse (whose name is FAMINE).
PREDICTION – Year 2020-Year 2021- Year 2022-2023:
25% plus Unemployment will take hold
Forces of Nature will continue to bring flooding
Forces of Nature will continue to destroy entire towns
Household will need at least a 90-day supply of food
Households need to have “survival food” (beans)
Households need to stock home-remedy items
Major “airlines” will cease to exist
New COV-disease will take hold – causing more deaths
Stock (if you can afford it) – buy: “Mining Stock”
What it all means is: (GET WISE – HAVE A HEART if you are not affected ... ... don’t ever think what causes the nation to crumble shall touch us also, shall touch some household by some matter one way or the other, regardless to your status)

During these current turbulent times Venus’ Point of View presents information to you as a reminder about staying “focused”. Regardless to what is happening on earth, we all have a need to remain alert and realistic.

If you can, cease listening to rosy presentations with people saying “things are getting better”! Well, things are not getting better … … NO … … THEY ARE NOT! So, please stay focused. I hope you appreciate this information.
REGARDLESS TO YOUR BELIEFS …. … I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN YOUR “FOCUS” … … get wise as to what is taking hold around you. Try to remain alert. A Power Greater Than Man is in control.
And so, moving forward, October 1st the rider called death (which is the Pale Horse) … will be joined by another horse … … … Rider of Black Horse; and, the black horses’ name is “FAMINE”.

Effective: Sept 01, 2021 thru December 31, 2023 - Planets compel … …. the 2020 Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction”
introduces a time when to some people the economy is booming. - Get real the Rider of a Black Horse (called FAMINE) is traveling on earth. With all of this going-on in the world …. … some households may not be facing any difficulty whatsoever. And, to them, (those that are financial stable) it might seem unrealistic (for their future) for them to NOT create their annual Action (financial) Plan. (looking at specific Goals or Objectives for the future). But … There is no reason to expect people to starve when this is coupled with the means to transport food to any location in the world.

… … Posted: July 1st 2020
Quest: … To my web-viewers: “I am repeating myself” … … I am telling you (again) – we’ve enough unexpected changes taking hold on earth to trigger something harsh this forecast cycle on into the New 2021 Year.
But right now (this posting) …. There’s something ELSE that will take hold touching all signs of the zodiac. …. Please use safety measures ... … “Death is in the air”!
This (COV-19) Pandemic is far from over …... based on new plant transits …. there are more unexpected “harsh” situations approaching – the transit of planet Pluto (it’s aspects will touch all signs of the zodiac) in most instances this “cleanser plant” will bring about more deaths, financial disadvantages, accidents and life changing occurrences … again, this disadvantage will touch all signs of the zodiac). … … Not to be repetitive …based on more new planetary changes taking hold with the Jupiter/Saturn “conjunction” moving in the skies – there’s going to be more deaths because the death Angel is still moving across the land”.
If you can, try to be sure and wear your mask, wash the hands, put the gloves on – just don’t take foolish chances with your life. - I’ll keep you updated!
I want to give some examples but first I want to share something have been reading, In the Holy Book of Scripture I have been reading where it is written in Chapter 26 of the book called Leviticus regarding promises: Promises for blessings and for doing what is right even in the midst of adversity; try to do what is right and you shall be blessed.
Same is true in this century by doing what is right … you always come out with a clean feeling.
Yesterday I was reading (Leviticus 26:3-9). It is stated "I will give peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and none will make you afraid; I will rid the land of evil beasts, and the sword will not go through your land ... For I will look on you favorably and make you fruitful, multiply you and confirm My covenant with you" .

Today, we are living in CURRENT times where it is mandatory to hold firm to your faith … … hold-on, because the Prophecy as written in the Holy Books is a life-map for todays’ world – for instance:
#1) there is no peace in the land because there are so many people outta works; We are watching a new “on earth power” take control over the lives of man. It may seem hard to acknowledge but as of this writing (September 7th 2020) it is mandatory for all individuals to become (more) realistic. The time is long past for a “it seems” attitude. … … … No …no … no the acknowledgement attitude time is NOW … “it’s real”!
02) unemployment is overwhelming in America – and parents cannot lie down unafraid because their families are facing hunger
03) all around us there are wars and rumors of wars and parents can’t rest in peace knowing their children may be called off to war; - December 21, 2020 presents the universe with a reason to step back and allow man to acknowledge that there is a Greater than Man Power in control. In my opinion, we shall witness the “foundations of power” in Governments become in total disarray.
04) even in the midst of adversity we all try to do what is right and by doing so, our rewards are blessings … even in the midst of adversity, some way or somehow, we yield favorable results because of our faith;
05) there are always adversities in life but through it all when we do what is right ... we can reap “favor” … we yield “favorable end-results”; And so, in my opinion, there’s a new horse riding across the land and he will cause situations on earth to continue unraveling with no direct solutions to the problems.
05a) That new horse IN 2020-2021-2023 is known as “FAMINE”.
There’s a need to remember the readings from the book of Leviticus and hold firm to your faith because we are about to witness October 1st new planet influences and the Forces of Nature taking hold; and we shall witness the coming of: THE RIDER OF A BLACK HORSE; AND, THE HORSES’ NAME IS “FAMINE”.

posted: Oct 8, 2022
*** These people listed (in my opinion) they will have a priority-need to use safe measures and caution as the days ahead unfolds:
-Calvin Klein, Jane Seymour, Richard Simmons,
-Clint Eastwood, Willie Nelson,
-Harry Belafonte, Carol Burnett,
-Jane Fonda (may need to change doctors)
-Kim Jong-Un – chest stomach problems
Randy Jackson, Sean Combs, Michael Douglas,
-Pope – needs to watch his health
-According to the new planet influences for cycle years 2023 thru 2027, there shall be at least 2 OR 3 FEMALE POLITICIAN that will more than likely face experiences that are severe or threatening.

The following applies: 2020-2021-2023 and 2024
Anti-Semitism (revolts will run wild among extremist
Banking System – crisis … changes …
Controversy – political leaders openly verbal spats
Earthquake –Kansas – destructive -
Earthquake –Memphis St. Louis and Southern Illinois
Earthquake –Oklahoma, (destroying a whole town)
Earthquake –Southern California
Earthquake –Utah and Oregon and Utah
Earthquake –Guam, Philippines- Thailand and Indonesia
Earthquake –London, England
Earthquake –Panama and Nicaragua and Hawaii
Earthquake –Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis and Missouri
Financial Crisis- France the USA – Japan and Israel
Labor –new laws, mostly designed against the workers

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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