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Point of View is a must-read forecast! Evelyn gives her analysis of astronomical and astrological aspects in terms of retrograde-transit or planet-stay and how the forces of nature can illuminate all stages of an individual's mental, physical and spiritual growth. Such informative interpretation of planetary-movements allows the awakening of the consciousness toward a path of enlightment for the individual. Additionally, the PREDICTION information explains detailed effects of specific planetary transits. Also, the PREDICTION further explains when occurrences become evident during the planet-movement and planet-aspect. Evelyn firmly believes the solar system, which is a force of nature, does have an effect on all live beings including circumstances during the transit of planets.

Here's this cycle's Point of View:
World Predictions - based on the Forces of Nature:
Stay with us ……. So much more to come (soon) because of the September 2021 fall equinox ... ... new planet influences will be taking hold and will begin a “cleansing mode on earth as the famine reaches chaotic conditions” (i.e. The Rider of a Black Horse begins a new ride across the land “again” this year!

Change is needed – change with occurrences that are happening now can only come about with intervention by a Power Greater Than Man.

Phases are unknown that are taking hold now as effects from new planet influences continue. Instance is September 22nd. We will witness the presence of the 2020 Fall Equinox; and, on September 22nd there’s a new planet influence that will present a visitor riding into our existence on a black horse; he will be bringing food-shortages, food-crisis, and starvation but famine. The black horse ride will not only appear among citizens in the USA; but his appearance will be felt in other nations around the world. Sept 22nd planet Moon will transit into the zodiacal sign Sagittarius where the Rider of Pale Horses) resides. … … This Moon/Sagittarius influence positions the following listing: -

PREDICTION: Oct 2020 thru Dec 2021 into Jan-Oct-Nov year 2022:
Banks, (Bank failures) and U.S. Real Estate – in jeopardy
Complete Breakdown of Society
Continued Massive Unemployment
Empty (BARE) food shelves in Southern communities
Famine, Starvation, Empty grocery shelves
More COV-19 deaths (after Oct 2020/overwhelming)
Surmountable Corporate Bankruptcies
More COv-19 deaths (positive tested individuals - watch Fall Season year 2021)

More COV-19 deaths of seniors and the disables -after July 2021

In my opinion, the inner planets will continue to compel. Now, on Thursday, Oct. 1st there will be an extremely bright Full Moon.

The toggling of planet Moon on Oct. 1st affords the world with an extreme-brightness. The Moon (in the US in some states) will seem to sparkle, sparkling by sending light to many dark corners of planet Earth. October 1st the Rider of a Pale Horse will be joined by the Rider of a Black Horse (whose name is FAMINE).

PREDICTION – Year 2020-Year 2021- Year 2022:
25% plus Unemployment will take hold
Forces of Nature will continue to bring flooding
Forces of Nature will continue to destroy entire towns
Household will need at least a 90-day supply of food
Households need to have “survival food” (beans)
Households need to stock home-remedy items
Major “airlines” will cease to exist
New COV-disease will take hold – causing more deaths

Stock (if you can afford it) – buy: “Mining Stock”
What it all means is: (GET WISE – HAVE A HEART if you are not affected ... ... don’t ever think what causes the nation to crumble shall touch us also, shall touch some household by some matter one way or the other, regardless to your status)

During these current turbulent times Venus’ Point of View presents information to you as a reminder about staying “focused”. Regardless to what is happening on earth, we all have a need to remain alert and realistic. If you can, cease listening to rosy presentations with people saying “things are getting better”! Well, things are not getting better … … NO … … THEY ARE NOT! So, please stay focused. I hope you appreciate this information.

REGARDLESS TO YOUR BELIEFS …. … I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN YOUR “FOCUS” … … get wise as to what is taking hold around you. Try to remain alert. A Power Greater Than Man is in control.
And so, moving forward, October 1st the rider called death (which is the Pale Horse) … will be joined by another horse … … … Rider of Black Horse; and, the black horses’ name is “FAMINE”.

Planet compel … …. the 2020 Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction”
introduces a time when to some people the economy is booming.
Get real the Rider of a Black Horse (called FAMINE) is traveling on earth. With all of this going-on in the world …. … some households may not be facing any difficulty whatsoever. And, to them, (those that are financial stable) it might seem unrealistic (for their future) for them to NOT create their annual Action (financial) Plan. (looking at specific Goals or Objectives for the future). But … There is no reason to expect people to starve when this is coupled with the means to transport food to any location in the world.


Posted – June 9th 2021


#1.) EARTH:
Australia and along the Northern Pacific waterways …. The earth will rise from the seas bringing into existence catastrophic incidents ; also, the northern part of the state of Alaska on this side of the globe and in the country of Afghanistan on the other side of the globe will experience devastating “shaking of the earth” ….
Alabama, Florida (all along the Gulf Coast) and extending “up” the East Coast … suffering from harsh winds and rain (Hurricanes like you’ve not seen before) ….
#4.) FIRE:
The state of Washington and the state of Oregon will experience an upsurge of “volcanic” conditions causing people that reside in the low lands around the mountains ….

Planet Mercury makes another change in the skies on June 30th

June 30th – Planet Mercury will take on a new aspect along with the cleanser planet PLUTO . … this planet influence cause a change with the element air and the other element water ………. Causing mass flooding and rushing mighty winds along the east coast. Watch for a destructive storm season to begin.
Also, the communication planet makes another change … … You will see (as planet Pluto continues to slowly move forward (direct). The diplomatic process will be on edge as 2021 continues to unfold. China is becoming “silently” the leader of the world! Additionally, watch the news re the country of Russia and the country of China …. joint war games for these 2 …. Watch this closely!

The boldness of planet SUN and its new influences ... along with new aspects from a toggling planet Moon and an illuminated star of Venus …. These planets will produce some chaos! I interpret this as a time where there are a lot of little secrets and dirty tricks taking hold within high places of government. Try and not take your attention away from the devastation being caused by the FORCES OF NATURE for the unwise … The element water will begin taking out whole towns.

Further, watch the country of Indonesia where there will be more “Tsunami activities” and along the southern cost of California in the United States where the brutal rains, relentless mudslides, harsh and severe winds, and small “ruthless” earthquakes will take hold.

The bright constellations called VESTA will be dim a few degrees in the night skies around the other constellations when the Delta Aquarid Meteor Showers take hold in the skies on July 28th . … .shortly thereafter (around August 27th the challenging planet Saturn will position at “opposition” in the skies …. and I believe you will witness the FORCES OF NATURE become devastating with more harsh rains mud slides, flooding and the rushing mighty winds taking out whole towns!

Watch the boldness of planet Sun bring temperatures hotter than normal. Watch along the Atlantic Coast, Iowa, Detroit, Minnesota and Illinois for rushing might winds, storms and hotter than normal weather. Parts of the Pacific Northwest along the coastal areas of California there will be unbearable heat from the Sun also in Oregon and the State of Washington.
And Alaska too will get some warmer temperatures this summer.

Repeat: Stay with us ……. So much more to come (soon) because of the September 2021 fall equinox ... ... new planet influences will be taking hold and will begin a “cleansing mode on earth as the famine reaches chaotic conditions” (i.e. The Rider of a Black Horse begins a new ride across the land “again” this year!
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: June 9th 2021

Posted 11/25/2020
The 2020 Jupiter Saturn “Conjunction”
Just a reminder, the “winter equinox” – is Deeber21st 2020 – on this night you will be able to witness the awesomeness provided by a Higher Power. These 2 planets align with each other every 20 years forming a “conjunction” in the skies. Planet Jupiter is generous (in my opinion) and it’s expansive – I believe it allows for growth and planet Saturn is rather restrictive, it guarantees one the benefits of “karma” – I also believe planet Saturn allow situations that are challenging and the situations allows you the benefit to overcome. So … on the night of the 2020 Winter Solstice, December 21st … … the solar system’s largest two planets will be on top of each other in the sky … … (I think you can see this conjunction in the southwestern sky.

Bottom line: “try not to miss this awesome force of nature”. (planet placements like this) … because conjunctions that are similar won’t be this close in the skies again until year 2080 close to the Spring Ingress … around the 14th or 15th of the month of March.

Clue: MAKE A WISH LIST – the expansiveness of planet Jupiter brings into existence boundless successes, great values, enormous substance and extensive financial gains. Planet Saturn is the “Great Teacher” ... oh my, it brings karma in overwhelming amounts ... but if you’ve sowed good seeds … expect a great harvest … if you’ve been an unscrupulous demon did harsh things to others ... well, this is where the “20-yr effect” kicks in and it’s payback is very-very harsh ... as the old saying goes: You will reap what you sowed” – and this statement is all too ture during this aspect!
Peace to you – “retain your glow”
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted 23 Nove3mber 2020

Posted 2020 September 11th
Title: Current Rider (Rider of a Pale Horse, Death)
New Rider (The Black Horse, Famine)
Re: Planet Changes – Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction
Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction Presents Rider of a Black Horse
Many-many individuals will have already experienced numerous family deaths from the COV-19 virus. Previously the Rider of the Pale Horse presented overwhelming numbers of DEATH in the US and as of this writing “death” shall continue its disruption. Consequently, insecurity for many families will be them “awaking and facing new improbabilities”. We will never know precisely how many families are (or will be) facing starvation but what we do know “famine” is a reality.

Nov 30 Lunar Eclipse in the Twins – Gemini ... What some people are not realizing is: Maybe not in your house … … … BUT … … the earth (away from your house) is filled with individuals that are hungry; Action Planning (for healthy households) Year 2020, Year 2021 and Jan 1st thru Nov 29th 2022 “remember” … … more unexpected adverse factors will take and it will touch all in so many different ways. (the elements air, water and fire shall be raging … … flooding, fires, mud-slides, earthquakes)
The Forces of Nature takes hold as the Rider of a Black Horse (famine) makes the round …. h shall make the round from nation to nation! Within the USA and in other places on earth there are people that have no jobs; and have no knowledge of where the meals shall come to feed their families. Yet famine and suffering from food shortages continue—and at times even grow .This is a time in life for individuals to acknowledge in order to organize the future they should be willing to face on-coming stumbling blocks. Action Plans (in healthy households) can take- on instability now … . reason is: unexpected stumbling blocks touching others can cause their future to grow adversely outta control!

Sometimes we fail to forget about crisis we’ve read about that occurred before some of us were born. Sometimes we remember the history of something that was taught or told to us. I can books remember reading about (supposedly) “engineered famines” that took place many-many year ago at the hand of a dictator in Europe. The famine I’m talking about is this: At that time (during the 1930-34 years) there was a famine crisis according to history that caused bad overwhelming harshness and major devastation for so many families.
The Rider of Black Horse called famine caused devastation during the Sun Mercury transit during the 1934 years. And that time, the Dictator, Stalin suppressed people in the Ukraine and tried to shut down nationalism causing this man-made starvation. That crisis caused food supplies to be meager and few necessities brought about in some places much hunger and to millions of other people starvation. YOU WILL WITNESS THIS SORT OF OCCURRENCE IN THE USA -2020-2021 “HUNGER”
And so, moving forward to year 2020 we witnessed a major planet change … a Jupiter Saturn conjunction. This aspect, in my opinion, allowed us to see unexpected occurrences that have and are taking hold during year 2020. Under the Jupiter Saturn transit the rage of the forces of nature unfolded. The March Spring Equinox allowed the entrance of the Rider of a Pale Horse. That horses ‘name was death. The occurrence of a COV-19 health crisis brought about unexpected overwhelming deaths not only in the USA – but death tolls around the world.
And so, the Rider of a Pale Horse rides: - (Don’t get goofy – cause these famous names are listed will not mean there is a death watch or a bed-risen sickness). This listing of famous names according to new planet influences might want to watch their wellness. (Keep in mind – none of us know when the son of man shall come – so, understand that I am not predicting a death watch. However, bed-ridden illness or death-watch can take hold for folks on the following list ... ... Reason: because, in 2020-2021, "the Rider of a Pale Horse shall continue the ride across the land - touching rich and poor touching have and have note; the following is applicable;
Amiss and Death Watch Listing: Angelina Jolie…
.. Bill Cosby… .. Cher… .. Clint Eastwood… .. Jane Seymour… .. Larry King… .. Loretta Lynn… .. Rahm Emanual…
...Harry Belafonte … Ivana Trump –…Danny Glover
...Jane Fonda ... …Jared Kushner…
Joanne Woodward…Michael Douglas
…Randy Jackson and …Ruth Ginsburg
In my opinion with all the food around the globe there is a thing called “hunger”. And, in our current society, we are living in a tech world where no obstacle should allow starvation. We should not have to witness “food shortages” and see children and families hungry – but guess what … ... “hunger exist in the nations. And so, with so much unemployment in the USA … … the Black Horse will allow all to see that “famine” can and shall occur. And so, wherever hunger occurs I trust something will come about where people can be fed. I acknowledge prophesy and … … y final note is this: We should NOT allow famine – but it regardless, hunger will exist in households in the USA – cause the out-of-work-force is overwhelming. And this is the truth!
To all, be safe with your undertakings and retain your glow.
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster .. ...
POSTED: Sept 11, 2020

… … Posted: July 1st 2020
Quest: … To my web-viewers: “I am repeating myself” … … I am telling you (again) – we’ve enough unexpected changes taking hold on earth to trigger something harsh this forecast cycle on into the New 2021 Year.
But right now (this posting) …. There’s something ELSE that will take hold touching all signs of the zodiac. …. Please use safety measures ... … “Death is in the air”!
This (COV-19) Pandemic is far from over …... based on new plant transits …. there are more unexpected “harsh” situations approaching – the transit of planet Pluto (it’s aspects will touch all signs of the zodiac) in most instances this “cleanser plant” will bring about more deaths, financial disadvantages, accidents and life changing occurrences … again, this disadvantage will touch all signs of the zodiac). … … Not to be repetitive …based on more new planetary changes taking hold with the Jupiter/Saturn “conjunction” moving in the skies – there’s going to be more deaths because the death Angel is still moving across the land”.
If you can, try to be sure and wear your mask, wash the hands, put the gloves on – just don’t take foolish chances with your life. - I’ll keep you updated!

Posted – 2020 May 7th
The Rider of a Pale Horse
Sagittarius in Capricorn | Taurus in Uranus
The 2020 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction
Mentally hang-on tight! This posting is generated as an eye-opener. Information at hand is really a bumpy mental ride. For some readers of this posting the information might be too rough to digest, for others it will be a facing of truth as to what is taking hold currently.
Scripture – the Pale Horse ( rider bring “death” on earth)
The 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) have already fore-warned but it seems not too many people of listening. The elements have brought destruction via ways of flooding, mud slides fires and slight earth smatterings … and still … the meanness continues.
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
>>> THE PALE HORSE RIDE CONTINUES - We are currently living in the path of a surmountable amount of deaths. The Holy Book of Scripture reminds us of what occurrences can take place on this vast Earth. We read with the understand the path the Rider of a Pale Horse takes … and that path is death. We knew when year 2020 came into existence something unexplained would be within our midst. … … the transit of planet Uranus into Taurus began an unfathomable amount of deaths.
When we entered the year 2020, January 4th we witnessed a planet influence that will shape the balance situations on earth for the balance and beyond this 2020 year. Expansiveness in the skies for Jupiter is to bring some harsh conditions. Also, planet Jupiter is [well] positioned to get the attention of man regarding what shall continue to take place on earth.
The zodiacal sign Sagittarius is known as bare-back horse rider. The symbol of Sagittarius has its’ arrow stretched toward the heavens [always prepared for battle]. Also, the sign Sagittarius is called the “Archer” of the zodiac During this cycle year with the position of Sagittarius in the planets it is assured to create problems. Looking forward, when February 2020 arrive, we noticed Capricorn (the goat) was in the war planet Mars with Sagittarius lying in wait …………… but while dormant there came into existence the Rider on a Pale Horse. The ride stretched across many nations including the USA bringing with its “death”. Some that are wise watched The Pale Horse continue its gallop across many nations issuing Warrants of Death . disrupting life and the norm for so many communities. As February closed the calendar the gallop of death continued across the land bringing an unexpected surmountable count of dead bodies.
Year 2020 we will definitely experience the position of a Jupiter Saturn “conjunction” adding more devastating drama for so many communities. Let’s look at where the planets are March 2020 [Capricorn in Jupiter, Capricorn in Saturn] … this aspect will afford a “wake up call for not only the USA but for many nations.
As of now, the position of planet Uranus is nestled in the head of the bull (the zodiacal sign called Taurus). What’s going on during this planet position is the timing of bad situations. … Uranus’ slow movement in the skies is bringing into existence occurrence you’d not believed would occur. All across planet Earth harshness if taking hold in many nations bringing about sickness and death because of a health-crisis called: Co-V19; and/or the 2020-World Pandemic. More than ever before, it has become mandatory to set aside time for “Quiet Moments”. There are no answers! There is, of course, sickness and death. In the opinion of many people there is the belief, this planet influence, (Uranus), is a pathway for the ride of the horses. …... a biblical prophecy in the Holy Book of Scriptures. In the chapter Revelations …explaination is given regarding a pale horse. In some circle’s discussion is taking place about the ride called death that’s crossing the earth. The Rider of a Pale Horse is identified as Death and death is freely gallop across planet Earth (touching many families and communities issuing extreme Warrants for conditions that bring about more Deaths.
||||PREDICTION: The (current) unexpected occurrence taking hold on earth is only an Alert! I am predicting “it’s going to get worst” there will be an overwhelming amount of deaths taking place as the days of this 2020 year continues to unfold. Not only deaths but planet transits will bring into existence a financial melt-down; a black out … darkness across the land; dark cloud shall covering the earth; overflowing rivers and streams; a continued rising of the oceans and lakes; cities being overrun with water … water levels reaching the top of the trees; water destroying whole communities; harsh winds across the land; and extreme flooding across the nations causing families to flee to inland areas; and then before it’s all done; the forces of nature will unleash the 4 elements. People that are wise and people that are tuned to nature understand that as the days ahead continue to unfold, the hand of a Higher Power will become more destructive,
In Washington more than likely we will see DECLINE from many elected officials taking place. Silence. They will not be heard from because they really have nothing to say! In my opinion the younger people are beginning to take note when it comes to those they elect . It seems political leaders could possibly be more interested in “self” … some elected officials show their true intent and that is they simply care only about themselves instead of doing what they were elected to do. Some individuals have come to the conclusion of ignoring their elected officials; in fact, some constituents don’t even know their elected official (and some folks don’t care).
If you notice what’s representing the nation are “do-nothing old men” …. they have become derelict when it comes to their true duties … and that is they were elected to protect and to serve the constituents. We are now noticing nations unraveled. When you look at what … who is elected, you see them as ragged shells in urgent need of self-repair.
Prediction: The Pandemic was a wake-up call for some of the Governors in America. They witnessed an absent Leader! Soon and very soon, if modifications in attitude and action is not going to change “it is not out of the question to see individual States band together and ignore the so-called leader”. The decline of those elected will coincide with the rise in power of states and localities. California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey will more than likely come as close to being a separate country as possible without seceding. Other progressive states will follow later [much later after this year closes] and they will band forces …. Band together!

>>> CLIMATE CHANGE - After this Pandemic is terminated, all things of concern to many will fade into the abyss because of “Climate Change”. When looking at the weather changes on earth during the March 2020 Spring Ingress and the approaching June 2020 Summer Solstice – you can only wonder “what next?” Also taking a look at the new “planet changes” taking hold as of this writing (May1, 2020) the Sun is in Taurus; Uranus is nestled 6-degrees stationary for a long stay in Taurus – the people of the earth are in for some unexpected (unsettling) occurrences. Astrologically, this that are wise are (currently) watching the toll that can be taken on families when the Pale Horse … The “alert call” is pleading for kindness … … but kindness is not found … … meanness is taking hold from some (Leaders) political figures in positions of power is: anger towards the poor, revenge actions against foes; repetitive utterances of blatant lies … … and the unkind list goes on and on and on!
are taking place in homes all across the globe. Time in some instances prayers are being used for Meditation. These Quiet Moments for some families that are taking time to meditate, visualize or pray allows them to store their treasures for what else is coming. Personal time in some households is very-very priceless during these uncertainties. Prayer is a personal way to feel how near our Angels are . We have the feeling of that a Power that’s Greater than Man is watching over us during these harsh times. Pray; Meditate; Visualize; Use Quiet Silence Moments and hold firm to your faith. It is now a time to prepare for the unknown, use wisdom, get skilled at needed job trades, store some food, water, cash, guns, gold, toiletries, batteries, books, medications and keep gathering truthful information before it becomes illegal to spread.
I will continue to awake you from a deep sleep of not knowing. I’ve always discussed what some only discuss in the kitchen ... but … it is what it is! I want you to know it will be wise to listen with an ear for disagreement – reason is “you simply cannot believe everything you are being told”. Forget conspiracy and get real: “there’s more to this destruction than meets the test of reasoning”. I will further discuss this in another posting later – but keep in mind the earth is covered with a different face than some are accustomed to. The shade of the earth is brown and by 2025 the facts cannot be hiding by numbers or by representation. Bottom line is “it’s all about the numbers ……... yep ……. The numbers are key!
Pray; trust God for your life; prepare mentally to what’s to come; use wisdom in order to know how to deal with the coming uncertainties; get skilled at needed job trades because changes in the work force is approaching; store some food because there’s hunger approaching; you will need bottled water, some cash, guns (“but” you’ve got to be sure yours weapon for protection is registered). Remember to stow-away some “extra” toiletries, batteries, books to read, medications and keep gathering truthful information before it becomes illegal to spread the info you possess. I’ll be back ……... question: “where is the Census???????? Just asking ??????
Think, “keep the light on … go forth and be blessed … Peace!
Posted 22May2020

Posted: 15 February 2020
The 2020 Jupiter Saturn “conjunction” will influence world events for 20 years! In my opinion year 2020 will be an event filled cycle.
The long stay of Uranus in the bull Taurus (in my opinion) will introduce drastic financial shifts ... … this planet influence will dramatically disrupt peace and harmony as we know it … … chaos will likely take hold where there were orderly presences.

FORECAST FOR YEAR 2020 (effective 15 Feb 2020)
*** Spending (govt) will definitely experience unexpected program cuts
*** Breaking News – American - world leader suffers “Dementia”
*** 2020 – Presidential Election (new face will emerge)
*** 2020 – Presidential Election is unclear (not Donald)
*** 2020 – Transition Year – Females taking the lead in politics
*** Aging America (worse than predicted) Female (Caucasian)
*** China – weak markets (cut backs on financial expansion).
*** Climate Change – devastating natural disasters (Texas)
*** Climate Change – looks bleak for Africa (scorching earth)
*** Donald Trump – health issues – cholesterol (over weight too)
*** Donald Trump -face fact “the US economy weakens”
*** Earthquake – Las Vegas, Berlin and Russia San Francisco
*** Earthquake – Monte Carlo, Gibraltar, Chicago, Willow Brook
Jan 12th 2020, we had a Saturn-Pluto “conjunction” in the head of the goat Capricorn. Also, this year we are going to see a Jupiter-Saturn “conjunction”---------- …. What ah series of important developments … … a whole lotta energy … … yep! … … … some interesting things shall take hold due to these planet influences. [get ready for an interesting 2020 year]
NOTES: THE (5) 2020 ECLIPSES - will bring havoc weather conditions ... ... political chaos in high places ... ... and uncontrollable weather conditions for the southern states ... ... listed below are the dates of the eclipses and havoc conditions AS NOTED BELOW:
Jun 05 Lunar Eclipse in the Archer - Sagittarius
Jun 21 Solar Eclipse in the Crab - Cancer (Solstice)
Jul 05 Lunar Eclipse in the Goat – Capricorn
Nov 30 Lunar Eclipse in the Twins – Gemini
Dec 14 Total Eclipse in the Archer - Sagittarius
The eclipse dates above will have emphasis for the following predictions during year 2020:
*** Hudson River – water rising at record levels
*** India and Pakistan – feuding continues – no peace in sight
*** Iran – negative surmountable instability (re: Pluto Conjunction)
*** Iran – Supreme Leader will likely lose power
*** Mississippi River – over flowing on the southern end
*** Natural Disaster – hurricanes will wipe out entire cities
*** Pakistan and India - feuding continues – no peace in sight
*** Saudi Arabia – global market – oil prices will be cut
*** Saudi Arabia – possible dethrone of the current leader
*** Water Shortage – Southern States (Alabama Mississippi)
*** Wrath of God – storms, flooding over-taking Southern border [Houston, Texas ... ... Mobile, Alabama ... ... Charleston, S. C. ... ...
West Memphis, Ark. ... ... Southern tip of Missouri ... ... and New Orleans ............. Updates will be entered (throughout this year) re the forces of nature and nature's havoc on major cities in the US ....

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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