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We can always control our own motivation and effort but there are always outside factors to be taken under consideration. Outside (negative) forces can (and do) hinder our EXPECTATIONS. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing our objectives become deteriorating-factors. Deteriorating-factors causes us to NOT achieve a personal goal … … and deteriorating-factors are known as “reasons beyond our control”. “Reasons beyond our control” do lead to: #1) bad business environments; #2) listening to poor judgment from those we trust; injury, or just plain bad circumstances.

The influences from the Forces of Nature are compelling, new planet influences are forewarning to all that something adverse is coming along with the Rider of a Black Horse … but it seems as though men are not listening – so the
Forces of nature will begin to compel bring about more adverse situations.


World Predictions - Watch July 2021 thru Dec 19, 2021
as the Forces of Nature takes hold:

PLANETS: JUPITER and SATURN 2020-2021-2022

In this posting we are looking at: What’s in store, re new planet influences as the entrance on earth of a new Horse brings famine (re too many head of household out of work and American is in crisis –the destruction can only be explained “as it really is” which is this: Some head of households are facing unexpected conditions and with no employment this causes “harm” in the family in an adverse manner.


And so, “Yes”, unemployment in America!
No national leadership in America!
Yes, (non-performance) is happening in America in this century … ... NOT BEING REPETITIVE BUT AGAIN, this is not bad news, this is not negative talk … THIS IS REAL!

And so, we still have within our midst The Rider of a Pale Horse and his name is death. And yes, we shall all witness effective October 1st what the Rider of a Black Horse brings. … (He brings famine)! And yes “death” shall continue as the Pale Horse rides …... but the ranger is here now and he’s famine! And he’s the black horse joining the visit across the lands with the pale horse. As well, the Forces of Nature are taking hold – it’s the element “fire” ……. fires are sweeping across the Pacific Rim – it’s in California, Oregon and Washington …. But the effects are taking on the element “air” and the flow of the wind is taking the smell of fire across the world. But in this posting, we want to discuss what shall take hold soon… and very-very soon in America. Hunger – Starvation – Endless Fasting (its famine)!

I want to give some examples but first I want to share something have been reading, In the Holy Book of Scripture I have been reading where it is written in Chapter 26 of the book called Leviticus regarding promises: Promises for blessings and for doing what is right even in the midst of adversity; try to do what is right and you shall be blessed. Same is true in this century by doing what is right … you always come out with a clean feeling. Yesterday I was reading (Leviticus 26:3-9). It is stated "I will give peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and none will make you afraid; I will rid the land of evil beasts, and the sword will not go through your land ... For I will look on you favorably and make you fruitful, multiply you and confirm My covenant with you" . Today, we are living in CURRENT times where it is mandatory to hold firm to your faith … … hold-on, because the Prophecy as written in the Holy Books is a life-map for todays’ world – for instance:

1) there is no peace in the land because there are so many people outta works; We are watching a new “on earth power” take control over the lives of man. It may seem hard to acknowledge but as of this writing (September 7th 2020) it is mandatory for all individuals to become (more) realistic. The time is long past for a “it seems” attitude. … … … No …no … no the acknowledgement attitude time is NOW … “it’s real”!

02) unemployment is overwhelming in America – and parents cannot lie down unafraid because their families are facing hunger;

03) all around us there are wars and rumors of wars and parents can’t rest in peace knowing their children may be called off to war; - December 21, 2020 presents the universe with a reason to step back and allow man to acknowledge that there is a Greater than Man Power in control. In my opinion, we shall witness the “foundations of power” in Governments become in total disarray.

04) even in the midst of adversity we all try to do what is right and by doing so, our rewards are blessings … even in the midst of adversity, some way or somehow, we yield favorable results because of our faith;

05) there are always adversities in life but through it all when we do what is right ... we can reap “favor” … we yield “favorable end-results”; And so, In my opinion, there’s a new horse riding across the land and he will cause situations on earth to continue unraveling with no direct solutions to the problems. That new horse IN 2020-2021-2023 is known as “FAMINE”. There’s a need to remember the readings from the book of Leviticus and hold firm to your faith because we are about to witness October 1st new planet influences and the Forces of Nature taking hold; and we shall witness the coming of: THE RIDER OF A BLACK HORSE; AND, THE HORSES’ NAME IS “FAMINE”.

In the Holy Book of Scriptures it is written the 3rd Seal of the 6th chapter called Revelation the symbol of a black horse, depicts a horrendous appearance. The conceivable idea for US and other rich countries to feed the planet makes it very hard to envision starvation. But as the Forces of Nature takes hold and the Rider of a Black Horse travel around the earth there will with certainty be a “global crisis and global crisis of FAMINE.


Monday – November 9th 2020
The following is Ms. Mack’s “live prediction on September 23rd. 2020
We just thought you’d be interested to know she never backs-down once he makes a prediction

We thought it necessary to post this transmittal – wow how right she was!
But she predicted this in February 2020 – it’s on her website under her Predictions for year 2020
– look at the last posting on that page –
Kelli @ Hash Advertising

Venus goes out on a limb - announces 2020 Election
Yahoo/Sent mail

E H Mack
Wed, Sep 23 at 6:51 PM
We just completed a fantastic (Live-Radio-Vegas) round table with 5 of our leading physics and with Venus who is a Forecaster. - "this girl is on fire" is the take away per our live audience from input from Venus by Evelyn.
Survey: votes 5 Trump wins (per the physic)-
1-vote - Biden wins
"Venus says Biden wins by 8:00-10:00 hour EST night of the November Election. We will have the posting up this month at http://www.venusbyevelyn.com on the World Events page (according to Ms. Mack), Ms Mack has based this prediction on the elements air water and fire; the Jupiter/Saturn 2020 Conjunction in Capricorn; Orion's dimming in the skies; and the placement of Taurus in Uranus.
Just wanted to let y'all know what's happening!
Thanks and I'll be back this month.
Kelli and Rob -Reps @ Hash Advertising
Reps for: Venus by Evelyn - Ms. Evelyn Mack, Forecaster


What’s in store – Major Planet Influences
RE the 2020 Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction
The following applies:
Anti-Semitism (revolts will run wild among extremist
Banking System – crisis … changes …
Controversy – political leaders openly verbal spats
Earthquake –Kansas – destructive -
Earthquake –Memphis
Earthquake –Oklahoma, (destroying a whole town)
Earthquake –Southern California
Earthquake –Utah and Oregon
Earthquake –Guam, Philippines- Thailand and Indonesia
Earthquake –London, England
Earthquake –Panama and Nicaragua
Earthquake –Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis and Missouri
Financial Crisis- France the USA – Japan and Israel
Labor –new laws, mostly designed against the workers

During the balance of year 2020 and into year 2021, there shall be so many Governments not only in the US but Governments in other countries around the world … … you shall witness the elements called air, water and fire bring about unexplained adverse situations.

Some of the adverse situations will be due to the Forces of Nature taking hold, bringing about: severe wind storms (taking out whole communities); extreme flooding, (rushing water with overflowing lakes, rivers and streams); and, wild fires (tearing apart entire zip codes).

Added to all the destructive you will witness political leaders not knowing or not having answers as to how to bring about stability for their countries. Along with all this, the Rider of a Black Horse will bring more Famine! Political Leaders will no longer give the people concrete answers to what is taking hold on in their governments at unexpected levels.

What’s in store – Major Planet Influences
2020 Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction
The following applies:
Earthquakes - The Philippines and California more than 2 earthquakes!
Major Flooding – around the SE coast of the US
Major Flooding – the 2 Carolinas - Texas and Arkansas
Racism (not only blacks but any person of color)
Revolts – up-risings causing protest against law enforcement
Stock Market – crisis – outta control - falls below avg
Tornado – major flooding Texas, Arkansas Missouri Tennessee
Tornado – Miami (Category 5 or 6 ) like a Tsunami
Tsunami – Malibu, Alaska, Russia (rushing waters outta control)

Year 202-2021:
– there are billions of people with a lack of water. Europe will be shaken with earthquakes and some nations will have their economies ruined
The FAR EAST-2020-2021 – China will continue promoting farming and soon the US will more than likely be purchasing food from them in 2021

MOON –vs- EARTH: we will more than likely see the possibility of an enormous earthquake in Oklahoma due to this earth-MOON new planet influence during 2020 thru 2022.

rain and hail storms including mass flooding will continue to hinder food production within the United States.

This prediction is really a proxy for, “Plant-based meats.
The trends that drove plant-based meat’s success in 2019 — consumer interest, concern with sustainability, and new, tastier plant-based options — are still in effect, and Beyond Meat is still talked about - watch this closely!

MOON-vs- AIR: Harsh wind storm along the 2 Carolinas – all along their coast lines – as well – along coast line for thew state of Alabama – harsh rains along with blowing winds causing some rash tornado actions after the Sept 2020 Autumnal Equinox … and a toggling moon touching air signs during 2021-2020 can lead to horrendous adverse results for wiping out whole towns via flooding.

MOON –vs- WATER: Some sort of natural disaster is likely for (Portugal and Spain)and 2 or 3 other countries that are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

Because the Black Horse will begin to cross the land it will be wise to learn how to survive: EVERY SINGLE PERSON ALIVE will be affected. Is your house in order? Keep in the pantry survival things. Be sure to have the beans and rice in surmountable amounts when the alarm is sounded – get the pantry ready! You've seen the handwriting on the wall and you still refuse to do anything about it? Okay remember the food shelves in your major grocery chain stores can become empty again, just a reminder! Again, get your survival foods on the shelves at home.

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS” If possible, try to not base your goals on personal performance, you must keep control over the achievement of your goals and draw more satisfaction from them by holding firm to your “EXPECTATIONS” while living in a world that is in crisis.
Peace to you; be safe be blessed and retain your glow.
Respectfully submitted –
2020 September 11th
By, Evelyn H. Mack,
Forecaster and Keynote Speaker
Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature

All Rights Reserved - Trademark Protected
New Posting "updates" after the 2020 Winter Solstice

Posted: June 3rd 2020
We are currently living in the path of surmountable amounts of deaths. The Holy Book of Scripture reminds us of what occurrences can take place on this vast Earth. We read with an understanding how the path the Rider of a Pale Horse will travel over many nations. In the wake of his path is death. We knew when year 2020 came into existence something un-explainable would be within our midst. … … We knew the transit of planet Uranus into Taurus would be bringing about an unfathomable amount of deaths – we just did not know what would cause the deaths.

#A) CLIMATE CHANGE - After this Pandemic is terminated, all things of concern to will possibly fade into the abyss. However, because of “Climate Change” we shall witness the forces of nature take adverse actions on planet Earth. Additionally, when looking at weather changes (around the world) and how on planet earth nature can cause havoc is only afforded by a power that greater than we are. Further, during the March 2020 Spring Ingress and the approaching June 2020 Summer Solstice – you can only wonder “what next in terms of nature?” When taking a look at new “planet changes” taking hold (as of this writing, May1, 2020,) we’ve come to the wise understanding that new planet aspects brings about new occurrences for both man and beast.(And none of the occurrence can be explained)... Moving forward, we see currently the position of planet Sun in the sign of Taurus; and planet Uranus is nestled 6-degrees stationary for a long stay in Taurus – … … … what it all means (in my opinion) is: The people of the earth are in for some unexpected (unsettling) occurrences. Astrologically, those individuals that are wise are (currently) watching the toll … … they are watching the toll that can be taken on families when the Pale Horse rides. (He brings death).

#B) FORECAST – RE THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX - Melting of the Arctic will coincide with greater northeastern storms for the north eastern portion of the U.S. Such storms are more than likely to be far greater in frequency, in speed of genesis, and size.

***** People will move away from the edge of the breaches and sand-filled coastlines of the U.S. as the sea level continue their rise.]

***** There shall be a tremendous downpour of rain all along the Texas coast lines causing folks with homes on the water-edges to move closer inland.

***** Severe storms all along the New Jersey coast line.
Financial-wealthy families need to move-on – cause The Great Collapse is also coming. (sooner than you think).


IMPORTANT NOTE: June 21st 2020 Summer Solstice planet change-
Reference: Planet shift – Jupiter/Saturn (Capricorn the goat in planet Jupiter and the Aquarius the water-bearer in planet Saturn) This is a rather unusual planet aspect (at the same time).
This change planet change (Jupiter/Saturn) on this date; this season, this cycle. … this change will put into effect (in my opinion) major changes.
The forces of nature take hold (6/21) with a lot of uncertainty FOR ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. If adverse changes “on earth” are not having a direct impact on you, your family and other aquatints … “get real” – don’t get alarmed but there’s a death angel over the land … he’s a bare-back rider on a horse … … it’s the Rider of a Pale Horse .. … and his name is “death”! - Something unusual goes into effect and it shall happen on earth TO ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC and around the world!…
Quest: Remain mentally prepared for something unusual to go into effect lasting past the end of this cycle year.
At all cost, try to be safe! (Mothers put an extra check on the children – tell them to stay safe and use caution with their undertakings) … … an unusual planet aspect continues this year touching ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC in some manner. …. The angel over the land is “death” … … prayers to you that know someone that suffered from COV-19. Not to be repetitive … but “please stay safe”! (This is not a conspiracy – just an alert to my web viewers).

******* NEXT POSTING - After 9/12/2020

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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