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If today is your birthday, you are a Cancer.

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I have for many years always offered "Passage" during my lectures. Now, I am offering "Passage" to you, the web viewer. This 30+ day passage serves as a Silent Voice of Inspiration. "Passage" is provided as a chapter to help you make the most of your 24-hour day. Among numerous major changes that take place within a 24-hour cycle, often times "Passage" becomes necessary so that a minor challenge doesn't become a major challenge. "Passage" is identified as "taking a mental journey toward betterment" and "using positive focused assessments to defuse sudden-challenges, frustrations, disappointments, minor-apprehensions, uneasiness and anxieties". I believe these entries of "Passage" can add encouraging ideas and bring positive mental breakthroughs that can brighten the shadows, pessimism and gloominess that cloud the mind.
Posting #B-100- 122323-01022024
Posted – Sat. Dec. 23rd, 2023

--- Pluto will be settled in Aquarius:
01-20-2024 thru 09-01-2024
11-19-2024 thru 03-08-2043

--- Pluto governs a 19-year transformation
Every sign of the zodiac will experience re-awakening, resurrection, monumental life adjustments, and upheaval during the 2024-2044 (19-year) transit.

Planet Pluto will be in the sign of Aquarius for about 20 years; while there this transit will start clearing-out the debris for betterment (for mankind).

--- How will the nation and individuals feel?
Well, every aspect of mankind and government is going to feel some disruptions. Reason is, because this Pluto transit is going to be extremely harsh and unhinged! Its transit will force incredible consequences!

--- How individuals will feel Pluto’s consequences?
I have always called Pluto the demolition planet because of the way is transit and with its’ extremely slow transit there comes about all kinds of disruptions. Most people do not like distractions; but you will notice for the 19 years that Pluto will be in Aquarius the nation (and individuals too) will face unheard of disruptions. All the disorders will be chaotic for sure; however, long term, as Pluto slowly transits all kinds of interference will slowly quiet the commotions! (this in government and in individual personal lives)

--- How this slow transit will impact
Pluto will remain settled in Aquarius for about 19 years (causing all kinds of chaos)! This is a transit that removes everything in its’ path (that causes interference with choice). So, let us discuss choice ... You have a choice every day to be thankful (instead of always complaining about little matters that have no quality whatsoever. A need during this long transit for all signs of the zodiac is to utilizing the graciousness and thoughts that are positive instead of complaining. Are you thankful for mercy? Instance is this: Planet Pluto bringing interference in the lives of all signs of the zodiac.

--- Initiation for betterment
Specifically, now thru November 2044 the transit of Pluto will bring about betterment in so many ways. The forces of nature ... during this transit will give life to rebirth in terms of “making personal choices.”

--- Pluto’s transit for betterment
The transit of planet Pluto is about death. For majority of individuals, during the 19-year transit, adverse-practices will be replaced with betterment actions. ----- There will be removals of most stumbling blocks; a removal of friendships that are not loyal; and, “each day, it will be wise to try understanding how life gives chances for “betterment.” ----- A need to move forward will be forced by the transit and doubt-practices will cease to exist for majority of mankind.

During a Planet Pluto transformation, we witness that some of us enjoy teaching; some of us cherish our talents when we can repair wrongs while most of us are simply at peace being an organizer of good will. At any rate, regardless to talents we possess, all of us are good at something. Important
facts are mankind possess kindness and charity along with other helpful talents that are blessings to others.
A transformation transit brings about chances for new ideas in man where he can create “change” and the change created becomes a helpful tool for all concerned.

New beginnings are for us all is always a personal choice. Now that some people might have decided to initiate newness for themselves ... the question is: Is this the time in life effective now to make the kinds of changes that will produce a better appreciation for life.

Wow! ... 19 years! ... That is a long time! Planet Pluto while in the sign of the water-bearer will transform the total being of mankind! So, get ready for a very long haul ... a time in life where confusion will take hold. Act. During these 19 years it will be a time for mankind to listen [more] to the inner voice of reason. It is a time to not allow your actions to be filled with chaos. Result is ... if you fail to initiate the kinds of things that make life more meaningful ... the transit of the planet Pluto will bring intervene with turmoil. Try using choices to move forward and disregard negative-sleuths!

We all have a duty to care [more] for self so that we can be able to “lift and assist others.” (The motto of self-stability is “responsibility”: NO INDIVIDUAL CAN EVER FULFILL THE DUTY OF HELPING OTHERS UNTIL THAT PERSON POSSESS A WILL TO ACCOMPLISH SELF-RESPONSIBILITY Example, every individual possesses a still inner-voice ... you are always forewarned ... but some people ignore their own instincts. Now is not the time to deviate from the choice of betterment. Now is the time to move forward and ignore the negative advice of ignorant-sleuths that are within your midst! Try to remember that choice and change for betterment are always afforded. The point is, you prepare yourself through thought to begin doing things that make your life better; and, you fall short by listening to ignorant-sleuths! Yet, there are times in life that causes individuals to deviate from their decisions and follow the will of others. This is when newness cannot be accomplished. End-result is sometimes we try to please others and fall short of being able to accept the blessings that are rightfully ours. It is not a time to continue in worn-out non-productive way ... reason is ... the forces of nature are becoming more and more noticeable.

Every sign in the zodiac has its own capability for “regard;” however, some of the zodiac signs are compassionate. Look, act and do your best every day. Cherish each moment of loving. Treat every day as a day of courtship. Express good will in every situation. Continue to believe in self and be ready to reap rich rewards. Through fasting, prayer, consistent meditation, and a desire for newness you can learn to see beyond your physical appearance; and, use your mirror-mind to become more aware of your inner-self.

Trust is imperative! Some of the zodiac signs can recall love or friendships that are hard to explain. And some of the zodiac signs can never find their true liking! And, there are some of the zodiac signs that find love and happiness that expands time. Commitment is important to happiness and when any individual become committed to another person there is no span to keep them apart ... the 2 individuals become more than committed and because of choice they can live happy lives. Think success. Success is not given ... success is the duplicate of power ...success must be taken! Ensure to take advantages of any and every situation that will make you a better person ... and only then can you expect to reap rich rewards. (This is the meaning of allowing time for self). There is care for each other – but it is always important to first use care of self and you can expand that regard to your choice of happiness.

*** TIME FOR SELF IS IMPORTANT: [betterment]
Make time every day to silently repeat this Affirmation:
“Each time I react in anger or jealousy I create a future different from the future I should respond to.”
Seeing your image as you were last year and deciding this new year to initiate changes for betterment should serve as a reminder that you possess more than your present outer-appearance. You possess an inner-beauty and an infinite range of possibilities for betterment and now is the time to be faithful to self and follow-through for betterment.

Use your faith to help you develop your abilities. And as you understand more the potential that lives within you begin to think of yourself as successful, healthy, sane, harmonious, and wise. Planet Pluto will present a very long personal journey for all signs of the zodiac. Follow through on taking better care of yourself. Cease allowing others to make you feel less-worthy! Act as you picture self. It is when you picture your inner self as worthy, you will witness guidance and protection from Angels ... Angels will always reside on your right shoulder. ... ... It is time and practice to begin to see ourselves as a Higher Power sees us. We may easily represent ourselves to those within our midst in roles as an acquaintance – as a collaborator, as a close relative – or even as a coworker ... there are countless identities; but we may not take time to look beyond the physical image and see who we really are, therefore we may even neglect to nurture our inner being which is vital to the complete picture of who we are ... it all boils down to: YOU! You are “Your Dutiful Self” ... ... Go forth and follow your decisions! Beauty will flow! You will begin to possess an outer feeling and that feeling will allow you to project an outward image of confidence and happiness.

The transit of planet Pluto effective now and until year 2044 will be a Powerhouse in the lives of all signs of the zodiac. So, during this long transit of planet Pluto try to set aside time for something you do in life repeatedly that as painful results and that you would like to change this year. Recognize the truth in you. There is so much truth in you – sometimes you may not always recognize the truth but use your time to examine the inner you – Plant Pluto is the “lord of change for the zodiac. Its long transit will bring about a whole lot of transformation for all signs of the zodiac.; its influence over the personal life of all signs of the zodiac will be subtle ... ... therefore it becomes mandatory for us all to think more about ourselves as wonderful individuals – and as we think more about ourselves, we will become more aware of the goodness we can initiate in our lives. One thing of importance is during this long transit of planet Pluto in Aquarius, we will better understand why certain individuals are removed from our lives.
Life is a process, and during this process we will become more willing to, take time to discover “strength of purpose,” we will take time to scrutinize our untapped abilities and then we will take final looks at all the wonderful potentials you possess.

The transit of planet Pluto enters the sign of the water-bearer Aquarius. With this placement – the Pluto transit will affect all 12 signs of the zodiac.

--- For the Zodiac, “Change” is a surety:
“Change” will be witnessed by all signs of the zodiac as planet Pluto continues its transit. Life will experience extreme growth ... a growth that will be influenced transformation! ----- In the end, it will be amazing to you to “self” as worthy of receiving good things ... good things that are rightfully deserve.

--- The Zodiac
Planet Pluto brings about modification in every area of life. It brings personal changes in so many areas of life – it can be upsetting at times but it uses its powers to transform for betterment. As such it will affect the Sun sign and the Rising sign – therefore all 12 signs from Aries to Pisces are applicable:
--- ARIES ----- a need to be more secretive with your opinions and at all cost watch the jealousy signs. (A need to evaluate your close friendships)
--- TAURUS ----- whatever around you that is hindering your objectives will be terminated – material/financial gains are a surety (watch how you utilize your assets)
--- GEMINI ----- radical changes in your friendships and your philosophy about life – (a need to be more out-going and a closer scrutiny on the spending)
--- CANCER ----- your blessings will be overwhelming; however, there is a need to cease dissecting everything said to you; cease being a loner and be more willing to not use past adversity as an excuse – (year 2026, “a need to understand you cannot be right all the time” be willing to at least listen)
--- LEO ----- it is okay to finally trust and be willing to evolve toward change for betterment – (2026 now is not the time to say “yes” – think things through thoroughly)
--- VIRGO ----- this is not a time to reveal your agenda – 2026-2027 a time of constructive change; later the challenges will be certain; but, end-result is: you will come out a winner- (a reason to be more open-minded and less nit-picking)
--- LIBRA ----- A reason to prepare for the unexpected – a time to get a move on and not procrastinate; 2028 new responsibilities are a certainty – (2029 new acquaintances, new surrounding is ahead – be prepared for growth and new alliances)
--- SCORPIO ----- A reason to be thankful – what is not functioning will be removed – happiness is a surety – (cease feeling alone – try some meditation-moments to fill the voids)
--- SAGITTARIUS ----- A reason to cease echoing yourself; now is not the time to force your philosophies; understand your beliefs are your own; - (be more willing to heed the doctors’ orders – get more involved in your favorite hobby)
--- CAPRICORN ----- Be more confident in yourself – cease going along to get along – it is always good to get involved in charity – re-evaluate daily spare-moments – be more supportive rather than being a tight-fist (be more alert with how and watch closer when you expense the cash)
--- AQUARIUS ----- Hold on tight – get ready for long hard ride with the transit of Pluto through your sign! Whatever is not functioning -it will be removed- you do not need the attention of others – follow your inner voice and move into newness – (personal desires are a surety after Pluto finishes cleaning the chaos) Financial blessings are a surety – use it wisely ... Pluto will take-away, so be alert!
--- PISCES ----- Cease the worry – use some of those alone moments for meditation – a time of feeling alone – use the Angel on your shoulder for guidance; many-many new avenues will be explored – hold the secrets (no reason to live in the past “keep it moving” – new avenues are a surety)

*** BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: You will never fulfill the duty of helping others until you have consummated responsibilities needed to care for self. At the end of 2044 planet Pluto's transit will be a reason to look forward to positive changes that will radically transform everything of value for all signs of the zodiac.

The primary purpose is to embrace transcendent powers that are higher than us holding firm to faith!
Being truthful is priority ... being truthful is directional choice ... being truthful is a receipt for receipt of blessings. Being lucky is not gaining something from a higher power; being lucky is not about feeling good about self; being lucky is called being successful and blessed. (there is no such thing as luck ... if you live right, you are afforded blessings “not luck”).
Finally, all blessings are gains received by living the good life! Living the good life entails reaping “good karma”!

When we can freely assist others, this is another true meaning of newness! HOW have you dear web viewer been able (lately) to express your talents? WHEN did you become aware (lately) that those around you need your guidance? And WHERE did you assist and those you aided were pleased to accept your offer? And finally, TRUTH helps us all form realistic expectations; and, if you live right “you are assured victorious rewards.” So, remember you always reap that which you have sown – so, sow a good seed and reap a successful harvest! As such, it is worthy to ccontinue believing and living the kind of life where favor can be obtained.

So, to all, – It is a known fact the HOW, then WHEN and the WHERE are sometimes harsh realities; but through it all, we are creatures of habit that should be willing to accept changes (for the better) in our lives. Care for self; retain your glow; and with favor your life can be filled with overwhelming holy blessings.” We all must remain STEADFAST to our convictions that what we sow is that which we shall reap.

Respectfully Submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
For: Venus by Evelyn

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Posted Saturday - December 23rd 2023–


Posted - April 12, 2023
The magic of comprehension in my opinion is: “every idea taken into the deep recesses of the mind [or into the subconscious mind] will one day become a “reality”! There’s a feeling of happiness when ideas one possesses become reflected in their outer being.

- Today is a time to be thankful re our presence in life. So, let’s try to become more mindful regarding “life’s-uncertainty”. There’s a “life-uncertainty” across the land now. And, if you have been spared from loss that’s continuing to sweep the lands, if possible, take time to set aside “quiet moments” so you can Reflect. … There’s a certainty when your ideas become real. Your thinking can only become realistic when you follow a Plan. Actions by you affords fulfillment. Achievement only comes when you’ve taken time to “do”! Remember, absolutely nothing is ever assured unless you’ve put forth “effort”(s)!

There is a path toward “gain”! Prayer allows needs to be rewarded! Grace and favor shall afford “expansion”! When you are favored you shall be blessed! Rewards that were unexpected shall become real. Realistic living and faith allow overwhelming blessings to be bestowed during times of need and uncertainty! Successful attainments for your time, your effort, and your faith are “real” so wait to receive your grace.
Posted: 04-12-2023
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster

Posted 04-12-2023
Posted: Wednesday, April 12th 2023

You are governed by your thoughts and your actions! Your thoughts allow you to do the kinds of things that brings about success-fulfillment. And your receipt to fulfillment is received by your actions. Universal awareness is at the fore-front of everything expressed in this physical plan. The use of positive thinking and the implementation of your actions will put in place necessary effects to produce power. Keep in mind, power to bring about realization of every desire is not a myth. A success-fulfillment is yours to obtain! And always remember, if you do what is necessary to produce the realizations of your dreams then the hand of a Higher Power will (thereby) become your guard and the additional protective hand will be the “angels you cannot see” that will guard you and make your pathways free from obstruction. (You are the master of your soul but, there is always the angel you cannot see protecting you).

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: You can learn … … you can be … … and you can have anything you declare for yourself. Receipt of success and positive occurrences are well illustrated by so many people that have wrought miracles without any formal training. So go forth ... the reward is yours to gain! Hold firm to your faith .. scripture teaches us “faith is the substance of things hoped for and it is the evidence of things that cannot be seen.” Therefore, understand life is an employer – it pays a just wage and you must earn payments for success by doing the work necessary to reap the rewards that are rightfully yours. When you do what is necessary refusing to negotiate with doubt there will always be “an ANGLE GUARDING YOUR PATHWAY ...... IT’S THE ANGEL YOU CANNOT SEE that will carry you forth to greatness and rich rewards. Peace, control your own destiny, remain positive and hold firm to your faith.

Warm regards and retain your glow,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Venus by Evelyn
Trademark and Copyright Protected – 2023


Title: Personal Maintenance
Posting # 2022-002
Effective May 31, 2022 thru December 2023
Next posting: December 31, 2023

We are facing planet transits now that affords plenty of uncertainty. As of this writing [May 2022] the Cosmos which are a force of nature that affects everything on earth. Planets are real! And during May 2022 thru December 31, 2023 the transits will bring into existences abundance and scarcity touching humans from all walks of life (the rich and the poor). Currently “Uranus” the planet of unexpected conditions is nestled in the sign of Taurus and will be there until April year 2026.

Universal awareness is at the fore-front of everything expressed in this physical plan. The use of positive thinking and the implementation of your actions will put in place the necessary effects to produce power. Keep in mind, the power to bring about realization of your every desire is not a myth – if you do what is necessary to produce realizations of your dreams then power will thereby become authentic. [Meditation and Prayer are keys toward fulfillment].

With the lengthy duration of this [Uranus Taurus] aspect you can expect to witness electrifying changes taking hold touching the lives of us all. It really will not matter what your birth sign is – you have planet Uranus. All the planet aspects now are dealing with much uncertainty; but PERSONAL MAINTENANCE must be controlled [now through April 2026] in order for safe survival (for us all). And with this posting we will focus on [self], and PERSONAL MAINTENANCE; as such, the following applies:

*** *** SELF verses LIFE RESULTS
(Mercury enters Virgo Aug 21, 2022)
One of the magnificent things about life is: “there are guidelines in life called “experiences”. … … Experiences be they good or bad occurs in life to bring about conditions that lead you towards gainful fulfillment. If you are weak and do not focus you become destined to fail. It is necessary to hold firm to your faith. Believe in hope because success in life comes about if [and only if] you do the work necessary for success-instances to take place. You simply cannot wish your way to success. You simply cannot think your way to success … … it is common sense that you must do what is necessary to bring about the conditions necessary so that positive outcomes present themselves within your existence.

(Oct 23, 2022 Saturn transits “direct” in Capricorn)
The power of thought allows you to move on with ease … … so now that you have moved-on Offended ways of thinking often lead to feelings of animosity and un-repairable grudges. When you feel a relationship has become un-repairable, and if you find that you are holding grudges because that once special someone said something to you that you cannot forgive … the best thing to do is affirm “WORD MATTER BUT FORGIVENESS IS ETERNAL”. Also, there could be thoughts of something someone have said to you 2 days ago or even as far back as 4 to 5 years ago … … it becomes mandatory to release those thoughts of disgust and hate and mentally ready yourself to accept new joys. A LIFE RESULT IS: By accepting new joys you become mentally prepared to accept happiness because “there is nothing like taking care of SELF first”!

(Mar 15, 2023 Mars enters Gemini)
Our belief takes care of the mental part; and #2) our efforts take care of the physical part. We are then ready to accept the outcome for our efforts! The end result of our beliefs and efforts produces for us (ALL) a successful outcome … … and this is what we can (ALL) expect as newness takes hold around us and before us . No good results can take place unless we first do mental operation on self and we must remove doubts and fears and prepare mentally for successful outcomes by not allowing ourselves to think negative. and by all means refuse to remain in the presence of individuals that "always" think the worst. --- --- --- as we prepare to face newness we will start with self, we will be thankful and we will open the mind to a belief that putting forth effort “all things realistic are possible”. I do not believe anything is possible if you don’t first put forth efforts mentally and physically.

(May 15, 2023 Mercury “direct” in Aries)
You can only be in receipt of prosperity if (and only if) you are mentally in the right place at the right time. As you move forward in life realize hurt feelings are not going to disappear overnight – stumbling blocks are going to automatically be removed from your path. The end result for you will be to work (hard) at utilizing the art of “forgiveness” and understand (completely) that there will always be challenges. But it is always necessary to remain ready to accept your success and keep moving forward! Be mentally prepared to encounter the Joy of Living. Also, it is wonderful to utilize visualizing to extend assist you in preparing for your future. You are worthy! You are the worthiest individual in your world (think worthy, live worthy and act worthy and by doing so you can never allow a stumbling block to cause you to be discouraged.

** *** SELF verses “ASSURED FREEDOM”
(Uranus in Taurus until year 2026)
When we deal with Personal Maintenance issues there are relationship issues that can knock you off your feet.
So, let’s deal with the instance of SELF verses a Relationship that has gone bad. If there are extreme feelings of dislike or if you feel your heart has been wounded; and if you feel you have been misused or misunderstood you must use those still moments to forgive those that have hurt you. It is essential to be prepared mentally for INNER PEACE and REWARDING SUCCESSES. You can GAIN KNOWLEDGE, you can survive, and you can HAVE “FAITH” to lead you to your envisioned goals!… … … … … Faith is your key to success. – Success will never happen within your life if you do not plan. Also, you must be willing to set aside time to visualize your way to fulfillment and by the beginning of the next posting (which will be AFTER December 31, 2022) you will have gained successful outcomes. Your need to gain peace of mind by visualizing your way toward fulfillment can get you ready to “exonerate your hurt feelings. What you want to do is be in a position to encounter happiness and gain the benefit of true joys of living”. Bottom line: There is never a need worthy of you continuing to hold hurt feelings … … “move on”.

*** *** SELF verses “ACTIONS”
Your life can be positively transformed … … during this cycle (May 31, 2022 thru December 31, 2023) you can put together assessments in which awe-inspiring plans for your life can be revealed. How is this done? It is done during those set-aside quiet moments of meditation, prayer and visualization. When you visualize realistic thought, you will obtain the kinds of revelations (through your ideas) that will gain you victories.

Take note sickness does not always call for the doctor - most times sickness is within the mind because of thought! Thoughts of foolishness causes (mental) delays! Mental delays are stumbling blocks you create for yourself. For instance, there is are some kinds of anxiety, and minimum negative-reliance taking hold within our presence - but you do not need to allow yourself to be a part of this sickness. Whenever you face uncertainty, us your powers of thought because what you think allow you to act with reinforcement. There is never a need to be without … there is never a need to not have … there is never a need to think you cannot obtain what is rightfully yours. Obtaining comes through thought and action. For instance, those ideas you get when taking time for visualizing can pave the way for personal advancements in all areas of your life. Faith is important! You must have faith! And you must believe that you can become successful (even if you are going through hell)! You can become (more) aware of the incredible greatness that is within you during quiet moments of meditating. This greatness that you can discover comes from within. What is within are realistic “positive thoughts”! With realistic thinking you can bring about successful outcomes mentally, spiritually and physically. In fact, reassurance actions can assist you to thinking straight and those same useful positive thinking affords you with the kinds of actions to disregard your stumbles.

*** *** SELF verses “REASSURANCE”
(Uranus in Taurus until April 2026)
Sep 20, 2022 Mercury “retrograde” in Virgo)
There are times in life when situations take hold you simply feel overwhelmed …. There also are instances when the feeling of everything going wrong is headed directly towards you. Keep in mind, mental blocks such as negative thinking are the kinds of things you will be noticing during cycle year 2022-2023 - BUT you do not need to become a part of this foolishness. What's important is this: Through it all, there’s a greater power taking care for those individuals who are facing difficulties … … so, use the power of thought to come through difficult circumstance without lasting scares. Try with all your might if you face uncertainty to face your tomorrows because adversity will always pass. Also, remember we all need encouragement … … and, sometimes there are additional things taking hold in life you just need a pat on the shoulder to get through your issues … … so … … during these crises needs positive thinking. Keep within your thoughts the firm knowledge that “successful survival is key” and YOUR OWN successful survival (after difficulty) can, for sure, bring into YOUR existence a lasting “love and happiness” .... and it's all because you did not allow yourself to be side-tracked with foolishness.

(Uranus in Taurus until April 2026)
(Nov 13, 2022 Mercury in Scorpio)
Remember to take the kinds of actions in life that alters false-perceptions! Living the abundant life begins not by changing or rearranging people and things around you – but an abundant life comes by opening your eyes to the miracles of the moment and by being prepared to do the work necessary to gain fulfillment. and to the faith you hold within. When you have an idea of what you want out of life it’s important to retain your faith. Your faith provides an inner-spiritual awakening. Your mental-awakening provides the kinds of ideas needed to make your objectives successful. Meditation is important. Quiet moments of meditation, during prayer or during visualizing, provides the means for you to go forth and be successful. Don’t forget “never doubt because the proceedings you take in life alters false-perception.

*** *** SELF verses “ALLEVIATION”
(Sep 4, 2024 Jupiter “retrograde” in Aries)
Newness sometimes can be within our grasp but it’s our thoughts of holding-on to what someone has said (or what someone did to us) that causes us to experience “want”. When you experience “want” you are really showing a need to be happy. So, exonerate old feelings because you must live in the NOW … … the NOW is living in the world of abundance. By living in this world that is filed with a vast number of abundances you need to be mentally prepared to receive the successes that are rightfully yours. you have to understand successes are yours to grasp. One of the magnificent circumstances about your life is that there are definite rules of conduct to bring about conditions (precisely) for SELF as you would like them to be. The Unanimous Realization (or universal consciousness) which is at the back of everything expressed in this physical plane has the power to bring about realizations of your every wish.

*** *** SELF verses CONFIDENCE
(Sep 4, 2024 Jupiter “retrograde” in Aries)
Setting aside time to meditate produces wonderful results. Prayer, Meditations and Visualization are definitely the greatest assets to assist you in getting through times of adversity. The moments of silence you utilize each day of the week makes available you the kind of inspiration needed at the time … … “additional” moments of silence you utilize during this cycle allows you to construct solid foundations for you to build “NEWNESS” in your life. It’s important allow time for self! Because scheduled moments of silence formulate the kinds of ideas needed for you to put into action things that produce successes. … … When you set aside time for self, all your actions become the basis for the kind of successes that will materialize into financial gains. Being wise is normal providing you are willing to face your realities.

*** *** SELF verses AWARENESS
(Uranus in Taurus until 2026)
“Words Matter” “Actions Matter” You know within your heart there is a perfect conclusion for every difficult situation! In a section taken from the holy book of scripture called Holy Bible … it is written “there was one that is powerful” … “there was one that knows your wherewithal”, “there was one that supplies your needs”, and “there was one that will grant you peace”. One is known as the divine being; this divine being came before you so that you might have life (more) abundantly. So, to accept the challenge from a power that is greater than man you must live and think accordingly. You can definitely have a fuller life if and only if you are willing to move beyond routine, move beyond fear and move beyond limits … … so that you can live a dynamic abundant life (which has already been promised to you by one that is more powerful than man).

(Feb 12, 2024 Venus in Capricorn)
There is still some opulence taking hold every day in all of our lives. During this “journey of success” cycle we are going to discuss the merit of “meditation and favors granted”. Questions you may ask during time of adversity such as the word “HOW” … you might want to know “HOW CAN YOU BE WILLING TO TAKE ANOTHER STEP IN LIFE WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY IN THE MIDST OF ADVERSITY BEYOND ANYTHING YOU ARE ABLE TO COMPARE” … … … Well, the “answer” does lie within the mind! … it is through the thoughts you hold within that you are able to move to new levels of thinking in life. Some people will never understand how there are people within their surroundings so lucky! I am not one that prescribes to the word LUCK … I believe all occurrences received in life are bestowed because a power that is greater than man assures us, we are “favored”! But it’s a known fact the most successful person will set-aside time for “self”. Stillness, quiet moments.

(April 4, 2024 Mercury in Pisces)
Healing will come --- supply will come --- the solution and answer to every problem will come. Harmony and understanding will come --- Guidance and light will come --- Peace and release will also come -- and – most of all power and conviction along with faith and trust shall be received and all your desires that are rightfully your will come. PRAYER AND MEDITATION AFFORD FAVOR TO BE GRANTED BY A HIGHER POWER AND ALLOWS THE ANGELS TO WALK BESIDE YOU. During times of uncertainty the presence of the Angles arrest on your shoulders to guard your pathways. Also, during this Uranus aspect in the sign of Taurus the presence of the 4 elements provides safety. – Quiet moments of meditation and faith produces realistic results. AS such, the following applies

Air Saint Michael Morning - 06:00-am
Fire Saint Uriel Noon - 12:00-Noon
Earth Saint Raphael Afternoon - 03:00-pm
Evening Saint Gabriel Evening - 06:00-pm

Release all ills from your past because destiny cannot be controlled. Our inner peace is always available because calm and centered-awareness allows us to replace uncertainty with faith and commitment. Control your own destiny by following your still inner voice. Always keep in mind “you are never alone” - “there’s always an angel on your shoulders to guard your path”.

(Jan 18 2024 Venus enters Sagittarius)
- Because of a personal conviction, all successes in life can be gained by using the power of thought and deed. The gains due us in life are not received when we expect them; but, along the “journey of life” … … lasting and long-term successes are received because of your thoughts and because of your actions and because you are favored by a power that is greater than man. So, using life lessons that are positive allows us to become able to utilize deed and thought in order to receive! The only way to increase your happiness is by substituting constrictive thinking for every negative situation you encounter and have the patience to allow benefits that are rewarding to enter your presence.

So, remain positive, be mentally prepared to accept favor with grace and retain your glow! Peace!

Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: May 14, 2022 -

Healing will come --- supply will come --- the solution and answer to every problem will come. Harmony and understanding will come --- Guidance and light will come --- Peace and release will also come -- and – most of all power and conviction along with faith and trust shall be received and all your desires that are rightfully your will come.
SPECIAL NOTATION: - You must do the work necessary that allows you to care for self – by doing so, you will be able to lift and assist others (where necessary).
What it all means is you should use the wisdom you possess to “look for your answers” --- to expect your desires to be met --- and to use your hope to guard you toward victories that are beyond your current expectation.
SPECIAL NOTATION: - You must do the work necessary that allows you to examine “self” … by doing so … you can gain the victories that are rightfully yours!
You can learn … … you can be … … and you can have anything you declare for yourself. OCCURRENCES are well illustrated by people that have wrought miracles without any formal training.
SPECIAL NOTATION: - Your inner self must be made understand it is mandatory to treat others as you (too) would like to be treated ... believe in truth and always “try” to do what is right by others and you (too) will gain blessings beyond your wildest dreams! …. “In the end by always trying to do the right thing returns to you unexpected favors, blessings and rich rewards”!
*** *** “AS YOU SOW … … SHALL YOU REAP …?
There are so many individuals have come to understand life is an employer – you must earn the payment of success by doing the work necessary to reap the rewards.
SPECIAL NOTATION: - Your inner self must be made to believe “doing the right thing returns rich rewards!

Posted: Saturday, May 29th 2021

Beginning “now” … … May 30th 2021 to the closing December 31, 2021 days of this cycle, [in my opinion] we are living with a lot of uncertainty … … these days are critical times for individuals that are wise. …

“Visualize fulfillment, create realistic plans, believe, have faith and gain rightfully deserved Rich personal Reward.
This passage is from the Holy Book of Scripture (KJV, book of Col. Chapter 4 – verses 5-6):
“Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside … let your speech always be with grace”.
In my opinion, this message will possibly give you a “better” insight in SELF during this forecast cycle!

Daily requests you make during meditation time will not always be awarded to you on your terms. Instance is, the Universe complies within a timely and orderly manner; and, you need to understand that your request during hours of meditation will not arrive via an airplane nor will your request arrive by car but “daily request” comes in the form of “gains”.... Daily request arrives in time of need! It is part of the mystery of life that when we stop clinging to negatives that we survive! ……. ……. It is part of the mystery of life that when we stop clinging to what we think is our safety net that we survive! ……. ……. It is part of the mystery of life that when we stop clinging to what someone thinks of us that we survive! ……. ……. It is part of the mystery of life that when we stop getting involved in situations that have (absolutely) nothing to do with SELF that we survive!
Take time for self by devoting some of the hours for Prayer and Meditation. Take time to read … reading may be a soothing relaxer. This 6+ year 2021 cycle is a time to be “more” honest with SELF. Effective now is a time to not demand attention from others when you are unwilling to reciprocate. We are given a chance now to seek the high road with realistic actions and factual speech. “Now is also a chance for mandatory mental-maintain because our results are governed by realistic creative thinking. And, it’s critical (now) to take control of SELF mentally by not allowing verbal fuses and foolish discussions to take memory!

Your mind cannot think nor create happy and successful futures when you sit around reflecting on challenges – Be wise – where there are challenges – use the mind to produce actions plans where you can overcome! In life, “affirmations” are key components needed in order to be in receipt of rewarding fulfillment. It’s the individual that is wise --- --- it’s the person that obtains an attitude of welcoming experiences --- --- this is the person that will gain rewards as this year continues to unfold. It is possible each day to maintain (with surety) the gut-feeling that you will definitely be awarded with newness and positive life experiences.
Material gains are not out of the norm during these times of (financial-gain) uncertainty. When mental wealth (which is your own instincts and your own understanding) is used, individuals can create initiatives that produce financial-gains beyond expectation! So, it is wise to visualize fulfillment and hold firm to the belief that creating (new) economic Action Plans brings into existence and financial-gain in an abundant manner. And finally, most of all, it’s necessary to avoid fault-finding by using concentration time for the receipt of success-outcomes.

Remember you can gain and remove adverse situations from around you through prayer, meditation, faith, belief and visualization! Let’s explore the mysteries of life that produces survival when we utilize patience to attain what we richly deserve. When we utilize wise decisions by living abundantly, what we do for self affords a deepening relationship. We obtain peace, success and (healthy) well-being. By being true to self affords us the keys to open store-house doors. Store-houses are oft times filled with rewarding treasures. But, the receipt of good measures cannot be obtained without effort!
It’s time for self inventory. Instance is this: Faith, action and patience gives confidence; and when inventory on SELF has been completed, the fulfilling moments in life are will not be characterized by complexity, by challenges, by acquiring material wealth or by possessing what your friends don’t have - “fulfilling moments” are the product of simple awareness, realistic thinking, clear consciousness, love and peace of mind. When these produces have been acquired you then can enjoy material gains!
Thoughts will give you what’s necessary to enrich your life. We must be grateful and continue to lift and assist others as we gain favor from a Loving Creator! The priority receipts plus the precedence keys to successful outcomes in life are twofold:
#1) Think and believe;
#2) when you receive favors by all means “accept blessings with a thankful attitude.
The more you fill your mind with pleasant and profitable thinking the more success you will have in life, because it is obligatory to:
#3) act, and understand what you have accomplished was a gift from a POWER GREATER THAN YOU; and finally,
#4) be ready up-lift those within your presence that possess weak understandings that have to do with faith. Visualizing and believing will lead to the realization of your visions --- --- your visuals will (with surety) become real. Anticipation is fine – but faith and belief are keys to the receipt of successful fulfillment in life.
Stir feelings of optimism by the way your think. All you have to do is when you begin your day (or at any time) silently speak these words: “Today there’s an expectation that I will be afforded favor”. It should be out-of-the-question for your thoughts to dwell upon more than 1 or 2 ideas at the same time – duplicating ideas that will not, shall not and cannot become reality is a waste of your menta time. Every day a new inspirational thought – everyday a new ideal and every day a new realization that you CAN is the just reward provided by silent moments. And finally, peace and retain your glow; and, remember to cease from imagining “unrealistic occurrences”. Remain mentally prepared at all times to receive rightfully deserved Rich Rewards!
Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: Saturday, May 29th 2021

Posted - September 12th 2020
Our PASSAGE this cycle takes us on a journey that allows us to see things as they are and not the way we’d like them to be. On this journey, this posting of PASSAGE also allows us (ALL) to be truthful with SELF.

“SUCCESSFUL SURVIVAL IS KEY” – take care of yourself!
We must (ALL) be willing to understand the true meaning of REALITY. Authenticity is so-so important for us (ALL) to gain successful outcomes when it comes to our wants, and our desires or to for us to gain successful conclusions during adverse times as we are face the facts of life.

We are living in the midst of a wellness crisis – this COV-19 is not partial. It is mandatory (for those that are wise) to adhere to the scientist … ... It is a safe weapon to wear a mask, wash /sanitize your hands, social distance and be aware of your surroundings by using some safe measurer to protect yourself. Sickness does not always call for the doctor - most times sickness is within the mind because of thought! Thoughts of foolishness causes (mental) delays! Mental delays by not using safe measurer are stumbling blocks you create for yourself. The toll as far as the loss of life has been overwhelming – “but” the Rider of a Pale Horse is continuing a move among the people.

For instance, there are some kinds of anxiety, and some kinds of negative-reliance taking hold within our presence. You hear some people say “oh there is nothing to this virus” … how stupid ... the death toll from the Pandemic has been surmountable. And guess what? IT IS NOT OVER –

October 1st we will witness more deaths and to add to the adversity ... … there will be another horse taking a ride among the people. The horses’ name is “famine” ... ... he is The Rider of a Black Horse! – We have so many head of household outta works with no means to feed their families – but this is prophesy – and the prophesy is: “the horse cometh”! (Be wise!) If you are one of the fortunate remember to stock your survival foods because there’s a “plague” over the land. Not only be safe but use realistic and wise measures in order to come through this plague unharmed.
21-22 DECEMBER 2020
Moving forward into the 2020 winter days of December- we will witness a new planet influence taking hold. During this time and thereafter, you do not need to allow yourself to be a part of the count that’s in the throes of the black horses’ path. As well, mental blocks such as negative thinking are the kinds of things you will be noticing during the balance of cycle year 2020.
What's important is this: Through it all, there’s a greater power taking care that those who are facing difficulties will come through without lasting scares and they can be able to face their tomorrows (after the adversity has passed).
Keep within your thoughts the firm knowledge that “successful survival is key” and YOUR OWN successful survival (after difficulty) can, for sure, bring into YOUR existence a lasting “love and happiness” .... and it's all because you did not allow yourself to be side-tracked with foolishness. Bottom line for this entry is this:
#2) we must all REMOVE DOUBTS AND FEARS AND PREPARE FOR SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES by not allowing ourselves to think negative or be within the presence of individuals that "always" think the worst. --- --- ---
Don’t ever listen to a fool that is not aware of his words. There is something to this Pandemic! Take safe “care” measures for yourself and yo9ur families. And so dear viewer, we in a few short months toward another year. Be wise have survival items on hand and prepare to face a New 2021Year with ease. An ease feeling because you are prepared!
#3) our belief takes care of the mental part; and
In order to expect wellness – you must begin with SELF, by utilizing protective and well-prepared tactics. And, by being thankful! Then, open the mind to a belief that “all things realistic are possible”!
#4) Anything and everything can be real if and only if you put forth an effort. I do not believe anything is possible if you don’t first put forth an effort mentally and physically nothing is going to happen – so get real.

THE MORAL TO THIS PASSAGE IS THIS: --- --- --- An order of personal business is to believe that after difficulty there will appear an ease to the dilemma. So, we must first be thankful for our (OWN) lives regardless to what is taking hold at the moment. The result of our beliefs and efforts produces for us (ALL) a successful outcome.
#5) our efforts take care of the physical part. We are then ready to accept the outcome for our efforts!
We all can come through this 2020-2021 plague unharmed; and, what we (ALL) can expect as the New 2021 Year takes hold to be prepared mentally with an INNER PEACE, we did what was realistically safe. We shall face a New 2021 Year knowing we (ALL) did what was safe and realistic. - And finally, at all cost, take safe care of yourself by being realistic!
Enjoy your journey, be blessed and retain your glow.
Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature
Posted: September 11, 2020
Next update – after the 2020 December Winter Equinox
Posted: September 11, 2020
Every breath taken is a deduction from your eternity! That’s why is necessary to NOT waste precious time. Effective now and moving forward, situations that really have nothing to do with your INNER PEACE is a waste of your time

Aries……… fire… ……… ”Self”…………………. ..Changes for the better
Taurus…… earth…………”Money”……………… .Endurance and Wealth
Gemini…… air………… ”Mind”…………………… Be more versatile
Cancer…… water…… …”Family”………………… Use Instinct more
Leo………… fire… …… …”Integrity”……………...Use authority more
Virgo……… earth …… …”Investigate”…….... Utilize thoughts more
Libra……… air ………… ”Justification”………… Set forth more efforts
Scorpio… water………. ”Happiness”………… Take nothing for granted
Sagittarius Fire ……. ”Optimistic”………… …Be more assertive
Capricorn…earth……. ”Career”…………… ……Be more attentive”
Aquarius…air ……… ”Associations”…… Devote more time for self
Pisces…… water………..”Confinement” …….. More opportunities ahead

Evelyn H. Mack
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